The PS5 is here (if you can buy one) and it truly feels like a generational leap for console and it feels like a true generational leap forward in console gaming. Sony’s new platform, with its incredible graphics technology and incredibly creative DualSense controller, offers for a level of immersion that prior consoles just couldn’t match. The system’s ultra-fast SSD is a game-change., It’s loading games in seconds and, in some cases, allowing for new ways to engage with them.

Sony’s lightning-fast next-generation technology isn’t without flaws. The system’s huge chassis is a touch inelegant, and those with limited room may find it inconvenient. The new PS5 interface is sleek and responsive, but it now feels a little barebones. Many of the PS5’s essential games are also available on PS4, so the jury is still out on whether you should upgrade straight away.

Despite this, the PS5 already feels like the future of console gaming, thanks to its extensive backwards compatibility, quick interface, stunning game performance, and fantastic load times. It’s also difficult to return. Check it out below.

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