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Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Nintendo Switch

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An island full of possibilities!

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Nintendo SwitchAnimal Crossing: New Horizons Nintendo Switch

Create your own island getaway

Share your paradise with family and friends

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Nintendo SwitchAnimal Crossing: New Horizons Nintendo Switch

Get to know your quirky neighbors

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Nintendo SwitchAnimal Crossing: New Horizons Nintendo Switch

Experience a robust new crafting system

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Nintendo SwitchAnimal Crossing: New Horizons Nintendo Switch

Enjoy a variety of relaxing activities

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Nintendo SwitchAnimal Crossing: New Horizons Nintendo Switch

Polygon – “…crafting systems in this game are lovely.”

The Verge – “the video game equivalent of a relaxing getaway…”

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Nintendo SwitchAnimal Crossing: New Horizons Nintendo Switch

IGN – “… full of surprises.”

GameSpot – “the ability to alter your island to fit your grand plans is exciting. “

Specification: Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Nintendo Switch



Release date

March 20, 2020

Customer Reviews

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Best Sellers Rank

#36 in Video Games (See Top 100 in Video Games)#8 in Nintendo Switch Games


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Product Dimensions

0.4 x 4.1 x 6.6 inches; 2.08 Ounces


Video Game



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Item Weight

2.08 ounces



Date First Available

December 31, 2018

10 reviews for Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Nintendo Switch

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  1. Thomas & Jessii

    I’m not sure who was more excited for this release: me or my 9 year old!The gameplay here is pretty straight forward. You’re on an island, and it’s your job to build and populate it how you see fit. The level of detail and the amount of things that you can do is pretty staggering. And it’s all done with a level or adorable that is infectious, which given the times we find ourselves, is a much needed distraction.All of the content is rated E for Everyone, and you won’t find anything offensive or objectionable in the game.The controls are mostly very easy to use and quick to learn, even for kids.The short version is that you combine resource gathering and management, with crafting new items, building homes, and customizing every detail of your community. From building waterfalls, to going fishing, and decorating the interior of your house. There’s a lot of detail in all of these things, and you’re free to create at will.One of our favorite details is the day/night cycle which in sync’d the to Switch’s internal clock. So it’s morning in-game, when it’s morning in your timezone. It’s dark when it’s dark outside for you… you get the idea. It’s just a nice touch in-game.You can also play online with friends, allowing others to enter your town and send them messages in-game. Likewise you can visit a friend’s island remotely, or in-person through local multiplayer.Highly recommended!

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  2. fauxre

    This game is great. I have no idea why people are complaining in the reviews when every single game in the AC series has had this type of gameplay. I don’t even see how they can physically complain about anything. No one here is coming up with suggestions/specific flaws. You’re all literally just complaining about the actual entire concept of the game. The game has multi-player, but that really is meant to shine online via multiple consoles.

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  3. Sarah Elissa Stanick-Woods

    I received an empty game case without the game cartridge. When it arrived the plastic wrap around the case was broken on the side. I thought nothing of it until I opened the case to find nothing inside. I bought the digital version because I’ve been waiting for a year to play the game and I love everything about it. However, I will only be refunded $10 for my $60 purchase. This is the first time I have ever been in this predicament. If you want Animal Crossing just get the digital copy and safe yourself the hassle. I’m not disappointed with the game at all, just the distributor.***UPDATE***: My initial one star review has been revised to a five star review. After returning the case I was given a full refund. I would still be cautious about ordering given that my order arrived without the game cartridge, but I’m grateful to have recieved a full refund, and thoroughly enjoy the digital version of the game. I’d give the game itself 10 stars if I could!

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  4. Ugo Bruzadin Nunes

    After having played I changed my mind. This game is really incredible and me and my wife are playing together. I wish I could play an island of my own, but there’s enough space for the both of us. Just make sure the person to play the most is the main character, and you’re good!

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  5. Kahalua

    Product is as described, cannot wait to start playing! Delivery was on time as scheduled!

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  6. bunnylover22


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  7. Mofobian

    I purchased this as an anniversary gift for my fiancee, she is obsessed with Animal Crossing and she has been anticipating this release ever since it was announced. The only complaint we have had on this product is due to the Coronavirus and how it delayed its arrival an extra day after release. The entire point of preordering is insuring that we have it on the day it comes out, but because of the virus that did not happen. It was only a day late, and it was no big deal to me but she could not curb her disappointment. However, it was remedied very quickly and they only took an extra day to get it to us. I am impressed.The game is exactly what you would expect from Animal Crossing, only enhanced. It is better, the entire town can be customized to your imagination with few limitations. Roads can be paved, houses and bridges can be built, all of which are subject to where you place them. You are still in debt to a Raccoon but that is just part of the experience, and very expected by now from fans of the game. She absolutely loves the game, and I am thankful because her happiness is also mine. Thank you Nintendo and thank you Amazon for the quick delivery despite our state of emergency.

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  8. Topher G

    Every few years we get the opportunity to play another edition of Animal Crossing – This year we get to play the most well polished version to date.-Full 360 camera control when in buildings-Nook Miles is another currency given for achievements-Edit the land, rivers, and landscape to your hearts content-Customize you character before starting your adventure-Use your NookPhone to quickly access important information-Learn DIY recipes for crafting-Craft tons of items using the workbench-Upgrade your inventory to carry much more than previous versions of AC-Choose to live in a tent for your entire adventure, or decide to get into a lifelong debt of owning a home-Two or more friends can play at the same time on an island / 8 user profiles per Switch can share a single island-Photo mode to capture and remember your favorite moments-Bigger museum and other buildings-Much more material to gatherSo far, this is my favorite Animal Crossing ever!If you like the other AC games, this one won’t disappoint!

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  9. Vincent

    A main line Animal Crossing title with a lot of quality of life features–What is Animal Crossing?For those who haven’t played Animal crossing; it’s a very relaxing game where you play the way you want and able to express yourself through gameplay as everyone’s interactions are not the same.Most of the time you do mundane tasks, have random events, collect items, do tasks to advance.There are unknown, surprise unlocks/expansionsYou play your own way (no pressure/stress to complete anything)There is so much you can do in one day especially when some expansion starts or you have a goal in mindThe more time you invest the more you get. You set your own goal, can be ambitious or casual in your advancementIt’s pretty much a life sim/sandbox with random animal creatures where everyone has unique experience–List of features1. There’s 1 island per switch. 8 houses or accounts2. 4 player simultaneous play. Follow a leader (range you can travel/screen space centered around the leader)With party play, items collected are put into a recycle box to obtain later3. Able to backup save file one time. Nintendo going to give more details on this later4. If you have a Animal Crossing amiibo- you can invite scanned amiibo to island5. With a construction permit you are able to create own path, change terrain (cliffs, roads, rivers, bridges, slopes)6. Nook miles. achievement system. pay off getaway package, rewards. Earn by completing tasks around the townWith Nook miles you can purchase ‘Nook miles tickets’ where you can go to a mystery islands with new resident and tons of items to collect. Good way to farm items7. Nook link. Switch Online Phone App. video/voice chat. transfer designs from Animal crossing new leaf via QR code8. Resident service center: add shop and museum9. Random merchants- sell items not found in area10. There are fish tournaments. Bug offs. Seasonal events via free DLC11. New ways to traverse with Volting poll and ladders12. At the start you can choose island 1 of 4 island layout (able to edit later with construction permit). Able to choose between northern and southern hemisphere to start off at a different season13. There are new resident animations. Resident don’t just stand there doing nothing. Actual idle animation and they interact with their surroundings.They also have more clothing options14. 2 main facilities:Resident services: buy items , get advice, craftingAirport: invite residents, travel other locations, send messages/items13. Nook phone. In-game phone where you can access camera, map, call islanders, look up DIY recipes, collect Nook Miles, take photos, and other apps. island wide broadcast, resident services14. Eating food such as apples, you gain energy, which gives you the ability to uproot whole Trees and place them somewhere else on island15. You can make bait and use medicine cure bug bites16. You choose how your characters looks. No quizzes to take. Change characters’ hairstyles, facial features, skin tone, nose, mouth at any time by looking at a mirror.Clothing options includes sweatshirts around the waist, backpacks, and phone cases17. Updated graphics. Not pixelated, a lot of detail18 Music is very good. Cheerful elevator type music. Changes every hour19. Extensive crafting system where you craft items, tools and furniture based on resources you collect. Can view DIY recipes via Nook Phone. Use the workbench to craft furniture from materials/resources gathered on the island. There is tool durability which you have to keep track of and re-craft20. Able to place furniture items both indoors and outdoorsOverall very fun and addicting game where you can express yourself through gameplay. A lot of quality of life improvement compared to past games in the franchise. BEST game in the franchise in my opinion (Wished it had NES games though). If any features I left out, please leave it in the comments

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  10. Alexi

    My husband hasn’t spoken to me all dayIt’s great

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    Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Nintendo Switch
    Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Nintendo Switch


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