Elgato EyeTV HD DVR for HD Cable and Satellite TV for Macintosh (10021040)

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Product Dimensions 2.6 x 7.9 x 9.25 inches Item Weight 1.4 pounds ASIN B003MVYTBU Item model number 10021040 Customer Reviews 3.5 out of 5 stars

145 ratings

3.5 out of 5 stars Best Sellers Rank #497 in Internal TV Tuner & Video Capture Cards

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer No Date First Available May 20, 2010 Manufacturer Elgato Direct

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1.4 pounds



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3.5 out of 5 stars

145 ratings

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3.5 out of 5 stars

Best Sellers Rank

#497 in Internal TV Tuner & Video Capture Cards

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Date First Available

May 20, 2010


Elgato Direct

10 reviews for Elgato EyeTV HD DVR for HD Cable and Satellite TV for Macintosh (10021040)

  1. Jack Gurney

    I’ve been using EyeTV products for several years and this is by far their best product yet.Easy setup, nice compact size, sharp picture from a variety of sources (Dish HDDVR, Roku XDS, etc).I have had a glitch with the EyeTV buffer occasionally freezing with Dish despite plenty of free hard disk space. Elgato sent me a new unit and it now happens less than before. I’m thinking it may be caused by a problem with my (complex) computer and video setup. Too many variables to know for sure.Recordings work fine so I decided not to dink the rating unless I can prove the occasional buffer problem is indeed caused by the unit. After one month of use, everything else about it has been great.

  2. Jeff Chasick

    I love El Gato products.. have been using them for years and yearsI love being able to connect it to my cable line and record programs as well as off load recordings from my DVR – I will be using this in place of my DVRThey keep updating the software with more and more functionality… all thsts missing is a wireless connection to the box so I can control it from across the room

  3. Erick Sturm

    I have Direct TV and I record a lot of sports and movies that I want yo have accessible on my computer and mobile devices. It took about 5 minutes to install the software and configure the EyeTV HD. As soon as I connected the USB cable from the unit to my MacBook Pro, I was receiving my Direct TV signal to record. My MacBook Pro is the 2.3GHz i7CPU with 4GB RAM.If you are planing to record Pay Per View movies for later viewing you will need to disconnect the HDMI cable to receive the signal through the component cable, as the HDMI copy protection will block the component if the HDMI is connected. The unit worked flawlessly. Another great feature is the one button export for iPhone and IPad!I can’t speak to the tuner or DVR aspects as I do not use those features, but if you need to get your video from the cable or Satellite Box to your computer, I would highly recommend this unit.

  4. Miss Julia

    We have been buying Elgato products for years and think they are great. My wife and I both have EyeTV devices so we can watch and record TV programs while working on our Macs. Recently when our cable company went to all digital programming, we had to upgrade both our EyeTV devices (EyeTV Hybrid and EyeTV 250 Plus) to the EyeTV HD. This new product allows us to use all the great program capture scheduling features. The live and captured picture quality is excellent now with the all digital feed. We often stream the captured video to our family room TV, iPads and iPhones or share with the other computer. EyeTV has also come in handy for converting old VHS tapes to computer video formats. The installation is easy and the software easy to use. Elgato does a great job keeping the software up to date and customer support has been exceptional.

  5. Blondie#1

    I wanted to copy some things from my DirectTV DVR and since they make sure to make that impossible on it’s own… I found this. Great thing – it’s HD! Now I just connect this little box to my DVR via an HDMI cable and then to my Mac with a USB cable (Be sure to buy a longer USB cable and one that transmits power through it to connect things at a reasonable distance) – hit play and record. Boom! HD recordings now on my computer. You can always buy a repeater, but I only want select already recorded programs so I don’t need this kind of setup. Elgato has a helpful website for more complex setups. You can also hook up your VCR and record your old home videos to your computer too!

  6. Jeffrey F Knakal

    This is one very useful Mac compatible video capture device. If you want to record an HDTV quality signal onto a computer hard drive so that you can post it on the Internet the best advertised choices seem to be Windows only solutions. That is if you never heard of the EyeTV. If you are like me and you want to capture online video game footage from a console onto a Mac by way of Mac OS X then this is the way to go. I’ve had mine for years now and it has worked great for me.One word of warning though: This is a USB powered device. I strongly recommend also buying an AC self powered USB hub with this device so that it will not place an extra and heavy burden on your Mac’s power supply. Make sure that the hub is Macintosh compatible as there are those hubs out there that will not work with the EyeTV. I chose the Gear Head 7-Port USB 2.0 Hub for Mac. That hub works great and comes with its own included AC Power Adapter.

  7. Mike K.

    This is a great product that in the scheme of things is just a huge workaround for a cable box. To the point, it doesn’t replace a cable box, but merely receives its signals and puts it to your computer. It’s awesome because it allows you infinitely more possibilities in “DVR-ing” relative to a regular DVR from a cable/satellite company.The only catch is that because this is a solution for EVERY cable-receiver box imaginable, setup is a hassle. Hopefully, your cable/satellite receiver codes are already in the program for setup. If not, then you can teach the remote codes to the Elgato HD unit. I found that holding up the remote directly in front of (pretty much touching) to the Elgato box allows for the program/unit to learn the remote the best.There is one feature that I wish they would do away with because it actually hurts the performance of the unit, which is their Elgato remote. Using this remote (especially quickly, or trying to enter in a channel number) will freak out the IR blaster (used to communicate and change channels on your cable receiver) and not work. It took me a while to learn that I needed to power down the Elgato box (turn off the computer, or unplug the USB cable) in order for everything to return to normal. In one case, the freak out of the IR blaster (usually, when it has freaked out it will keep trying to send one number as if it’s holding down a number on the cable box remote control) actually caused the IR receiver on my cable box to burn out.The solution I found was that if I really wanted a remote I could just use an Android/Mac app and have a remote mouse by using my phone. And voilĂ , by not using the Elgato remote, no more IR blaster freakouts and the unit all works to a charm.It’s funny, but by taking away their remote, it really does make this a five-star product. I guess the only thing more satisfied, but not necessary is they had an Android remote in the app store.

  8. Magic

    After stryggling for years to remember from use to use how to set up my Sony DVR, I discovered and bought an EyeTV HD. I have nothing but praise for the product. Simple to use, has a decent editor to crop out unwanted “footage”, produces very good quality videos for use with my Apple TVs, etc, etc. The only thing they could have done better would to bundle a 10 or so foot long USB cable with the unit. Fortunatly I have a Mac close to the EyeTV but not close enough for standard length USB cables. So I could not try the unit for a week after receiving it while I waited for a long cable to arrive. It is connected to my Mac via the long cable through a powered 10 Port Plugable USB 2.0 Hub available from Amazon. I have no problem with the signal, even though the unit is powered through the hub, not by a power cube.

  9. R. V. Wendel

    I bought this product specifically for 2 reasons: To be able to watch TV in my home office on my computer while I work and to occasionally capture, save, and burn a special or live program to DVD for my archives. In the week I have owned it so far this product fulfills my every desire, and does it brilliantly!To start, the manufacturer’s packaging is solid and logical, including all the accessories you’ll need to get started, right down to the batteries.Next, being a Mac user, I hate instruction manuals, so I always see how far I can get before I have to do any reading. So far, I haven’t opened it yet I’m up and running nicely. It’s quite obvious where the RGB and audio cables connect, as well as the USB connection. Pop in the installation disk, and before you know it, TV is already appearing on your desktop. It even automatically updated the software before I started configuration!By clicking the red record button, this product starts capturing what you are watching to your HD, and you can watch, go back and re-watch all in real time. Should you wish to preserve the program you are watching, it’s a snap to save as a .dv file to export to iMovie or Toast to durn to disc.So far I’ve only saved and burned to standard NTSC DVD in widescreen, and the results are quite good. As soon as I upgrade my burner to Blu-Ray, I’m sure the results will be even more spectacular.I will say that watching on 1080i on the computer screen looks just a tad softer than it does on my HDTV flat-screen TV, but settings in the “device” control panel allows you tweak the performance. So, setting the “sharpness” control up to 7 did improve the picture noticeably.So far my Mac Pro with quad 3.2 processors and 1 TB hard drive have had no problems saving at full 1080i resolution, and the files do not chew up as much disc space as trying to record without H.264 pre-compression.I can not comment on the whole IR blaster, TV guide, and auto turning & record functions as I have not yet tried them, nor am I really interested in doing so. For my simple needs, watching live and occasional saving and burning to DVD, this product has been absolutely perfect! I highly recommend it with no reservations at all.

  10. Ms. Angel

    This product does what it says. The software is very easy to use and the recording quality is high. I used this with my MacBook Pro early 2010 model while recording onto an external USB drive and it was no problem and the computer did not overheat, although you should keep it ventilated. Setup was simple with the included wires and diagram. I had difficulty getting a signal from my cable box at first and tried to troubleshoot with the Elgato website. As it turns out, the problem was with my cable box and not the EYE TV. I have a Scientific Atlanta 8300HD from Time Warner Cable which as I understand is a very common DVR model. The problem that I had was that my box was plugged into my TV via HDMI at the same time as I was trying to connect it to the EYE TV and the box will only push the signal through one of two outputs (HDMI or component) at a time. This was easy to fix, I just had to unplug the HDMI from the cable box and reset the cable box with the EYE TV plugged in, and then it pushed the signal no problem.The IR blaster works as well, although I still haven’t figured out how to get the remote to work.

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