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Product Dimensions 4.3 x 1.6 x 0.6 inches Item Weight 1.05 pounds Shipping Weight 1.05 pounds Domestic Shipping Item can be shipped within U.S. International Shipping This item is not eligible for international shipping. Learn More ASIN B0000DYTDJ Item model number 141592 Customer Reviews 3.6 out of 5 stars

62 ratings

3.6 out of 5 stars Best Sellers Rank #375,920 in Electronics (See Top 100 in Electronics)

#1,999 in Digital Voice Recorders

Date first listed on Amazon June 16, 2006

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Item Weight

1.05 pounds

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1.05 pounds

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3.6 out of 5 stars

62 ratings

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3.6 out of 5 stars

Best Sellers Rank

#375,920 in Electronics (See Top 100 in Electronics)

#1,999 in Digital Voice Recorders

Date first listed on Amazon

June 16, 2006

10 reviews for Olympus DM-10 Voice Recorder

  1. T. Wayne

    I am one of the world’s biggest voice recorder users. My life has practically revolved around them daily for the past 8 years. This recorder has superior quality in every way to every recorder I’ve used – and I’ve used every major brand. One thing to note though: there was a remote pictured here, where is it? There’s no mention of it on the packaging, but it is mentioned in the manual. It sure would make for icing on the cake, but it shouldn’t be pictured. However, mine came with a great condenser mic in the package, which I wasn’t expecting. Tip:

  2. Level Mike

    I am a voice artist and had been looking for ages for something to accurately record sound clips of voices to mimic. All digi recorders will record the info (ie: the words), but very, very few can retain and replicate the particular vocal qualities accurately. This most certainly can. I was concerned with the built in mic, but it’s actually very good. Even so, my DM-10 came with a bundled plug-in stereo mic for great recording. I layed down some vocal ideas for a song and was astounded at the quality. Even holding the unit near the TV will give good results- and you can keep an eye on the volume with the digital level bars.I’ve hardly used the MP3 function, although the couple of songs I did download sounded just fine. The separate folders mean you can keep your ramblings ordered. I’ve been using mine on a near daily basis for 2 months now, and haven’t had any hassles. It feels sturdy- not like a cheapo plastic housing, and the controls are easy and intuitive. Battery life is good- I’ve only changed them once (but then my actual usage periods are brief).Don’t get confused with the similarly named, cheaper Olympus models in stores. I nearly bought one, until I noticed it was a much smaller memory unit, with much poorer sound. So keep an eye on the memory. If you’re after a pocket digi recorder with true sound repro, the DM-10 is hard to beat.

  3. Scott Deans

    After having this recorder for only a few weeks, I’m already so attached to it that it goes with me nearly everywhere. As a songwriter, I’m always singing little melodies that might otherwise disappear into the ether forever. With my DM-10, I never lose a thought, and the voice clarity and speed are very satisfying.The controls are highly intuitive, and it is EFFORTLESS to use. I can’t speak highly enough of this device. If you need something to help you remember ideas, thoughts, dictation, or music, you will be very happy with yourself for buying this little wonder. It changed my whole approach to songwriting, since I’m no longer tethered to a computer or tape recorder when inspiration strikes. It also comes with handy software for synchronizing with your PC, easily playing and reviewing your voice files, and adding comments and such.Best money I’ve spent in years. If you buy it, you will not regret it.

  4. Jeffrey Hartman

    I have owned several different digital recorders over the years. This model is by far the best. It is of metal construction and feels well made. I cannot think of a feature or function that it is missing. Sound quality is superior to any recorder that I have ever used. The sensitivity with the internal mic is good enough to pick up conversations in a normal size conference room. I appreciate the fact that Olympus has not forgotten about the Mac users and that they seem to stay on top of software updates. Don’t waste your time or money with any other digital recorder.

  5. a professional student

    I’ve used my DM-10 for 9 months, and relied on it for ethnographic interviews – it’s excellent for this purpose – all the other reviewers are right on. 64M of memory sounds painfully small compared to an ipod, but it works fine for audio notes and meetings… Two things I’d like to point out:One, I like the fact that you can access your audio files without downloading any special software. Just hook up your USB cable (the kind with a small plug – that the Olympus cameras use…) to any computer and it opens as a flash drive! Brilliant. The Olympus software is good, but you don’t need to use it if you don’t want…Two, I’m not crazy about the WMA format for high quality files, but you can download a free converter (e.g. […]) to convert these to mp3’s…or buy one of the many converters online.

  6. Charles G.

    This is every bit as good as everyone says it is. Put the recorder in the cradle and it shows up as a drive on your PC. Copy and paste the file wherever you want it and listen to it without any added software: the HQ files are stored in Windows Media Audio format built in to every Windows machine.One reviewer complained about the lack of an on/off switch, but there it is, on the back, labeled “hold”. Flip it and the unit goes off and accidentally pressing any button other than the hold slider switch won’t turn it back on. The screen blanks out after about 1 second when you use the hold switch. Batteries seem to last a very long time when you use that switch.And speaking of batteries, it DOES recharge the batteries from the cradle, provided you use NiCad rechargeables. Two AAAs and you’re set. Because it seems to barely sip power out of them, just the amount of time it takes me to transfer the files seems to be long enough to recharge the thing at least a good way into what I’ve used, so I rarely have to have to take the batteries out and recharge them, as long as I use the “hold” switch whenever I’m not recording into it.This product is worth every penny, though I’ve had it for awhile and so Olympus may have come out with a more recent model.

  7. E. Shmain

    I’m a pharmacy school student. When my professors give lectures they usually go so fast, that it is almost impossible to make notes and not to miss the important information. I tried various voice recorders with prices ranged from $39 to $150. Among those were various models of Olympus and Sony. Olympus DM-10 has 3 modes of voice recording. Regular quality, which is useless as in all recorders(really bad sound quality). High quality: very nice quality, gives you more then 6 hours of recording. Super high quality: this mode only works with external microphone(came with this recorder). Although this mode only gives you 2.5 hours of recording, the sound quality is trully excellent even if you place your recorder far from the professor. All recorders’ manufacturers give you some huge numbers of recording hours. In order to get these hours one would need to record with regular quality. Very often you can not undestand a single word with this quality. This is expecially true when a professor speaks with an accent, or the room is large. Therefore, I never even try to record anything with regular quality One of the greatest features of this recorder is its noise cancelling. In play mode you can adjust the noise cancelling feature in such a way that it feels like there was no noise in the room at all. Finally, after you done with recordings, the program that comes with this machine will download the files to the computer, so that you can listen to the recordings with Winamp or Windows players.I love this machine.

  8. kkrome25

    The Olympus DM-10 is incredible. It is unlike anything you have ever used before. The sound at HQ & Stereo HQ recording mode is outstanding. During a lecture, you can sit in the back and record, and what you play back is 100% understandable. Even the SP and LP modes will record clearly, but you probably won’t use it, because SHQ and HQ will spoil you. As an MP3 music player, I think it sounds better than a portable CD player. My DM-10 came with stereo earphones (earbuds) and a stereo condenser mike (ME51S). I was reluctant to buy it at first, because of the $150 price tag. But once I got it and started using it, there was no doubt as to why.

  9. Jamie Wilson

    The DM-10 was purchased as a replacement for my bulky and virtually obsolete microcassette recorder, for recording interviews (I’m a journalism student and part-time staff writer) and the occasional class lecture. Here are my initial impressions:It’s small enough to fit comfortably in a pocket and weighs a little bit more than my car keys. The display is easy to read and has a nice orange backlight. It also has a sleek metal body which not only looks cool, but leaves me with the impression of durability should I ever drop it.The data storage far exceeds my needs. It can record somewhere around 2 hours in high quality stereo and more than 22 hours in its lowest quality setting, which still sounds remarkably good for dictation and interviews. There are 5 folders to store recordings in, each capable of holding up to 199 files each.The recording quality (in the 24 hours I’ve used it) has been impressive. Whether I was recording something from the television or recording a class lecture (a 200-person auditorium class) with the DM-10 in a cargo pocket of my pants, it has impressed me with its clarity and sensitivity. Background noise is pretty much inevitable with any recorder, but the DM-10 sounds great in playback and even has a built-in noise reduction option for that makes playback even better!Files can include multiple index points (for bookmarking important points) as well as user-added comments to identify files in addition to the automatic timestamp placed on them. SHQ/HQ files are stored in WMA format, so they can be downloaded and listened to in your favorite music player. Another neat feature is the ability to set alarms to remind you to listen to specific files at a preset time.I did not purchase this device for music and had low expectations for it’s so-called music features. I underestimated it. The DM-10 works very well as an MP3 player and is doing very well as a replacement for the MP3 player I broke. It’s even got WOW 3D sound support, which my old MP3 player does not have. While I probably wouldn’t buy the DM-10 for music (for that I’d want something with the ability to hold extra memory), the ability to play music is a huge bonus and means that I won’t need to replace my MP3 player anytime soon.What really sealed the deal for me in choosing the DM-10 over other recorders is the USB cradle. It is so nice to be able to drop the recorder in the cradle and then have full access from my computer to listen to recordings, download files, add or change comments on files, upload files, etc. without having to fool around with a cable every time.There are other features I left out, but my opinion is that Olympus has done a great job with this recorder and I am very happy with the purchase. It would be nice if it had the ability to accept external memory, but unless one is using it strictly as a music player, I don’t see the 64MB it has onboard as being much of a limitation. Another great convenience would be the ability to recharge the DM-10’s batteries just by leaving it in the USB cradle. Perhaps Olympus will release an upgraded cradle at some point to accommodate this.

  10. Amazon Customer

    I bought this to use for my church group and work. When put on high quality the sound is of an excellent quality. I found the microphone extremely sensitive and I could hear any one talking in the room even if it was tucked in a pocket with clarity. I am impressed. I would only wish I had additional memory since highest quality only affords you 4-5 hours of recording, but in the lesser sound modes they are still good for 8 hours. I have yet to try the 20 hour level. The recorder is simply to use and downloading to computer of my files was a snap.

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