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Product Dimensions 14.4 x 3.9 x 9.7 inches Item Weight 4.95 pounds Shipping Weight 5.85 pounds (View shipping rates and policies) ASIN B001EZRJZE Item model number SB300-100 Customer Reviews 3.8 out of 5 stars

580 ratings

3.8 out of 5 stars Best Sellers Rank #135,611 in Electronics (See Top 100 in Electronics)

#1,121 in Streaming Media Players

Date first listed on Amazon August 28, 2008

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Item Weight

4.95 pounds

Shipping Weight

5.85 pounds (View shipping rates and policies)



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3.8 out of 5 stars

580 ratings

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3.8 out of 5 stars

Best Sellers Rank

#135,611 in Electronics (See Top 100 in Electronics)

#1,121 in Streaming Media Players

Date first listed on Amazon

August 28, 2008

10 reviews for Slingbox PRO-HD SB300-100

  1. Kenny L Nipp

    First I’ll tell you that this device is designed for road warriors. Anyone who’s away from home for any extended time should buy one of these. I work as flight crew for a major airline and I’m away for sometimes 24 days out of the month, and staying in hotels (especially overseas) and watching their extremely limited TV for years has led me to buy this. Hotel TV programming in foreign countries is beyond ‘bad’. It consist of CNN International, and usually BBC News and or another UK based news outlet. -That’s it. Absolutely useless. So I’ve been waiting for the Sling Box to improve it’s resolution to a point it’s acceptable. Well the Sling Box HD hit’s this mark and much more. I find that the video is jitter free and sharp on my laptop while on a Ethernet connection. Almost no pixelation. I also paid $30 for the iPHone app as well, and frankly I was overwhelmed with the picture quality! Amazing. The one caveat I found was that I wanted to set up my media stored on my NAS in my home that I access through a device called ‘Popcorn Hour’ Media storage was not a device Sling Box presently supports. Which is a bummer because I have a ton of programming stored on it. I hope the Sling Box Techs acquire the IR codes from Popcorn Hour. Connection to my Sling Box couldn’t be simpler. You simply set up a free account at and then when you want to access your Sling Box you go to the Sling Media sight and put in your access code, and ‘Walla!’ Your in, and watching your TV from across the country or across the earth. I am extremely happy with this Sling Box. Given my work schedule I’m probably going to wear it out.

  2. MyReviewMyStory

    You will not be disappointed with this purchase. If you like the idea of watching your TV while on the go then this device is for you. I never miss a game while I am on the road traveling or waiting around for something to be finished.PRO:- watch your TV anywhere at any time- no monthly fees or any other fees other than the initial purchase price and app costs- never miss any football, hockey, or baseball game again- ability to control other devices hooked up to your tv like your DVRCON:- the BIGGEST con is the cost of the app for each device. I had to pay $15 for an app for my ipad and another $15 for the app for my iphone and another $15 for the app for my wife’s iphone. That is $45 dollars in app costs just to watch the TV on my mobile devices.- the picture quality is great on my wifi, but not so great when outside of my network.- with Verizon LTE, the picture quality is much better.- the app still can use some work

  3. Kent L. Mcclain

    ( UPDATE 20 FEB 2014) Well i have retired from the army and am now in killeen, tx. I still have my pro-hd slingbox i bought back in 2009 for $270.00. Still use it all the time , at work or on vaction. Works great and controls my direct tv no matter where in the world i am, as long as i have an internet connection/ data connection on my phone or computer. truely a graet product. dont know what i would do without it.I am in the military and am stationed in Japan (Camp Zama). The only english speaking TV we recieve over here is AFN (Armed Forces Network)which has about 13 channels but only about 5 channels worth watching. I heard about the slingbox thru I researched it and called my buddy in Tyler,TX to see if he would set one up for me.He is pretty electronic savvy so i asked if he would hook one up in his house. His daughter has a HD Tivo in her bedroom and has gone to College. So he hooked it up in her bedroom. I wasn’t sure about the difficulty of setting it up but he said it took him all of about 15 minutes and he was watching it on his computer in another room.So then i was hoping and praying i could access it over here in japan. I downloaded the software from the slingbox website and wala i was watching perfect tv and controlling the tivo from Japan on my computer. My internet was not fast enough to support a full 1080 picture so i backed it down to a 640×240 picture which is about eqivalent to a VGA picture resolution.Then i decide i was tired of watching tv on my computer. So i ordered a Slingcatcher and it is so much more convenient than being in there on my computer.I can watch tv from my couch with a remote that comes with the slingcatcher and controls all the buttons on the HD TIvo remote. i think it works better on the slingcatcher because there is really no lag compared to watching it on my computer.I think it is a great product, i just wish i would have set it up a year ago. That way i could have been watching all my shows, plus i added a 1 terabyte harddrive to the Tivo so i can record as many shows as i want to.It is just like being in tyler texas with my HD tivo remote in hand watching tv on My HDTV. It is truely amazing.I would highly recomended this to everyone, it is worth it’s weight in gold.

  4. J. Danzig

    What started out as a free T.V. in the kitchen, turned into exposure into the streaming media world.I’m not a typical buy a device that does one thing sort of person. I like products that make life easier by performing several tasks. Well, this one box is fantastic at providing this.The box is easy to configure, plug it in and you are done. Straight-forward instructions prove that in less than ten minutes, this box can be installed and running without much difficulties.The problems, I can see for some – One, be prepared to have your network expanded (i.e. get a good network switch). Two, if you want to add more HD devices, you are somewhat limited even with this box. I have three devices I would have liked to controlled with this box, but, left it to the Cable box due to the video input limitations.I have a HD DVR Cable box, Xbox 360 and a Mediagate MG350 that I’d like to control. The Cable is component, the Xbox also is component and the Mediagate is DVI to HDMI. Alas, the configuration just doesn’t allow it – although being creative with a video switch might work. I just haven’t tried it yet.The last problem for some, I have a Cisco ASA firewall. For those of you who do NOT have the expertise in Firewall configuration, this may the most difficult point for you. However, I’m not talking hours of configuration time, just a simple understanding of your Firewall and how to open port 5001. I personally would prefer to use a higher end Firewall, but if you know how to enable UPNP, you’ll be all set.I now watch and control my Cable box from all over. I travel often, I am considering purchasing the iPhone app, but find it ridiculous that I spend good money for the product but don’t get all the features without additional purchases.

  5. LB Customer

    This device, the Slingbox Pro HD has been a very nice addition to my home theater configuration. It lets me watch sporting events when I’m in an area that either doesn’t have Television or doesn’t get the Sporting events I want to watch (I have a second home that is in Pennsylvania and the cable networks do not show my NJ Devils games. Slingbox solves this problem). Mobile watching when I can’t get in front of a tv (sports again) is another bonus. In today’s age of DVR, Live sporting events (in my opinion) are one of the rare times when taping it and watching it later just doesn’t cut it. For that reason, I think the slingbox is quickly becoming a Sports Fanatics device.On a mobile device, quality looks very nice, but the “HD” aspect is not fully realized. Do not expect your TV (even if you have an HD box) to look as crisp as a rented iTunes movie in HD. It does not broadcast to you in 720p. It is called the “HD” because it can take the input of a 16:9 HD signal and broadcast it to you – but it will not look entirely HD when it arrives. (I still love this device.)The slingbox is fairly easy to set up as long as you either closely use the setup guide or have a descent understanding of hooking up home theater equipment. To the techies out there: This box can sit in-between your HD Cable box and your TV, or you can run your cable box to the TV/Receiver with HDMI and run component Video directly to the SlingBox. Either way you hook it up, the cable box can only watch one channel at a time, so be prepared to control the “room” while you’re using it – or put it on a cable box that is not in as high demand. For this reason, I usually set Slingbox up in an extra bedroom and not on the main house tv/cable box.On the topic of these devices breaking in the first 6 months, and the warranty only covering you for 30 days, this is absurd. The device clearly comes with a 1 year warranty, described in the documentation when you open the box. In addition, all electronic devices sold in the US are required to have a 1 year warranty.

  6. Love2bAlive

    I bought my slingbox in February 2011. I waited this long to write my review because I saw several reviews stating it stopped working after a year. This item has been a dream and even if it had lasted 90 days I would have been thrilled. I did have to purchase the $29.99 app for my droid phone and my Thrive tablet, but it was well worth it. You can watch your cable from any computer for free as long as you have an internet connection.We took a vaction in Jamaica to a Sandals resort which has WiFi. We got to watch the basketball finals on the beach with my tablet through the slingbox. Everywhere I travel I have the ability to watch my own TV,cable and DVR shows.It has a guest account, which worked out nicely. Our daughters were in the Joplin Tornado and lost everything. I had 2 laptops shipped to them, gave them a guest account and they were able to watch TV and keep up with what was going on with the news. (via tethering on their cell phones)Because you are literally watching your own TV in your home, if you change the channel while someone in your house is watching, you change the channel on them. We have learned to have cable hooked up directly to the box.Con – It takes a lot of bandwidth. – Only one person can watch at a time

  7. Orville Nguyen

    I’ve had a Slingbox Pro-HD in place with Comcast cable TV since 2012….and I’m writing this review in 2018. Still a very solid piece of equipment. I also own a pair of Slingbox 500 and a Slingbox M1.I use this box with my iPhones, iPads, and Apple TV 3 and 4 (via Airplay). Since the Pro HD doesn’t have wifi I have mine connected directly to a Google Wifi unit which is one of the 3 wifi satellites in the house (these can be bought as a 3-pack).The only drawback is that it doesn’t work with my Fire TV sticks (1st and 2nd gen), and my Fire TV 4K. This isn’t enough to subtract a star from my perspective.

  8. David Sullivan

    I’m a college student and frequently move year to year. Nothing is more of a pain than dealing with cable companies and contracts. I’ve used slingboxes for years and have always loved them. They are only as good as the internet signal strength you have on both ends but if you do it right the picture is great! I stream Massachusetts to Florida right now and display on a 50” TV via a WDTV box. Makes it feel like the real cable box (minus the 5 second delay). Have it sending HD signal from my home cable box and it shows up great on the TV, computer, or my iPhone (app was pricey though…). Simple math for my area… $70 a month for local cable (no competition so price stays high) making for $840 a year or spend on a slingbox initially and then just spend an extra $12/month for the additional box back at home? Hmmm… yeah the savings are amazing and I get all my local Massachusetts’ channels and sports. Just great.

  9. H C

    I wanted to gift my Bosnian friend with American cable television and all the premium channels, and this has allowed me to do just that. I dedicated a cable box/DVR and accessories to her in a separate bedroom, so that she didn’t have to worry about changing the channel on one of the boxes I view. That room has no network connection, so I bought Slinglink, praying that it would work as advertised; it absolutely does. I had no difficulty setting up the equipment though I had to unplug the Slinglinks once to get the Slingbox registering the network connection.The installation process was easy, but we had a glitch in the internet viewing install even though the Slingbox software said that I had successfully installed it. My friend and I were on Google chat together trying to puzzle out the problem. Big complaint: Slingbox support sucks; if you have a problem, go to a user forum. At the end of two hours, when my IT savvy friend had exhausted all possible solutions, she found a forum in a Google search. We followed the suggestion for our situation–she was seeing my Slingbox but couldn’t connect–by reinstalling the internet viewing piece, and like magic, she was watching American television. It’s a minute or two to get going, but then it’s an excellent connection. I spent a happy couple of hours, teaching her about the remote and what’s on all those channels, and I left her a happy, happy woman.Highly recommended but you are on your own resources if you hit a snag.

  10. MichaelA

    Okay, maybe not since sliced bread per se, but in the technology world, close to it! 🙂 This thing pays for itself in the long run if you continue to keep cable/satellite. It makes it more viable now because you can watch it anywhere you go. Those who don’t use cable or satellite, etc. anymore are nuts because where are you going to find your favorite sports games? Why would you watch it if it wasn’t live?The Android application costs an additional $30 to view the Slingbox but it’s pretty optimized for the device so I don’t mind it. It simply doesn’t work in a browser for non-traditional devices to include the PlayStation 3. However, on a PC it is perfect! In fact you can view it in hi-def 1080i (wish there was a way for 1080p however, but due to the component cables that’s not possible). There is a slight delay on the phone, but none on the PC. It is a bit worse video on the Android app but for its small screen, it’s better quality than even FloTV I think (plus it fills the full widescreen of your phone!).Anyway, I love this piece of gadgetry and its uses, especially for on the go, but also for the fact that I can watch anywhere in my house without getting other DVRs. The Slingbox Pro HD is the perfect system to allow you to control and watch your DVR broadcasts just as you would in front of your TV.

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