Verizon MiFi Jetpack 4620L Verizon Wireless Wi-Fi 4G LTE Hotspot Modem

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6.1 ounces


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1 Lithium ion batteries required.

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Date First Available

April 26, 2012

10 reviews for Verizon MiFi Jetpack 4620L Verizon Wireless Wi-Fi 4G LTE Hotspot Modem

  1. PositiveLogic

    Unfortunately, ATT doesn’t work in there area I’m taking a trip to. We’re gone an entire week it’s critical I stay in touch with my business partners. A couple years ago, I rented a Verizon MiFi device. It provided a horribly spotty signal.This year, I decided to purchase my own MiFi and this one is a more updated version. Aside from my comments about the product itself below, I wanted to give a special accolade to the folks at ElectronicsDirectPlus, the Amazon Marketplace vendor I bought from. They very prompt and efficient in address a minor issue at the beginning of the purchase which was not really their fault.When possible, I will purchase from them in the future.As for Jetpack itself, here are the highlights:► It arrived, new in the package in excellent condition.► It powered up with no problem► I took it to the Verizon store, and while they exhibited a tremendous amount of incompetence which burned a whole hour along with having to make a 2nd trip, they finally inserted the SIM card and, voila I had wifi available anywhere in Verizon’s impressively comprehensive coverage area. No stars deducted though since I’m only rating the product itself plus the service I received on the purchase.It remains to be seen whether it will work at the exotic location I am headed to, but I did check the Verizon coverage map and we should be good.Monday, August 11 2014, 08:41:03 PMBack from vacation. It worked the vast majority of the time in the remote location we were at. That was to be expected given that Verizon’s coverage map said it would. All in all, I glad I invested in this device as it will be helpful for future vacations.

  2. C. Franklin

    Works great as expected and much cheaper than Vorizon offering and I set it up my self with out any issues very quickly with help from Vorizon website.

  3. mike perdue

    great device for wifi in the mountains.

  4. JayJ

    This a great product as it fluctuates from 3G to 4G LTE automatically. The 10 device limit is fine for most people. Unfortunately I bought this after talking to Verizon about remaining on my plan, they lied as I was unable to keep my present unlimited plan, even though I was told at the Verizon store my plan was still unlimited. So be careful, If you have an unlimited 3G plan, keep it. This is the wrong device then. I am however keeping the device, as the price of data goes down, who knows maybe I can use it.

  5. S_T


  6. Teddy Striker

    Got this to supply an internet connection to a camera system at a remote location I own. Has been steady online for over a month now, no problems whatsoever.

  7. John Y.

    Works great

  8. David Woodruff

    Of the MiFi’s I’ve used out there, I consistently find that the Verizon performs they best in the most geographic areas.

  9. William B.

    As advertised. Really slow, may be Verizon in my area.

  10. Satisfied Customer

    This device is great! I had one that was purchased directly from my Verizon a couple of years ago and although it worked; it stopped charging which defeats the purpose for “remote” usage. I ordered this one from Amazon and to my surprise it works the same as the other one! This was a great savings as I didn’t want to get back into a contract situation again and this device is serving the same purpose as before.

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