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Cuisinart DCC-3200P1 Perfectemp Coffee Maker, 14 Cup Progammable with Glass Carafe, Stainless Steel




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Cuisinart DCC-3200P1 Perfectemp Coffee Maker, 14 Cup Progammable with Glass Carafe, Stainless Steel


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DCC-3200P1 BannerDCC-3200P1 Banner

The PerfecTemp 14-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker can give you hotter coffee without sacrificing taste — offers a regular or bold flavor option.


Control PanelControl Panel

DCC-3200P1 Control PanelDCC-3200P1 Control Panel

14-cup Glass Carafe14-cup Glass Carafe

DCC-3200P1 FiltersDCC-3200P1 Filters

PerfecTemp Hotter Coffee Technology

Exclusive Cuisinart technology brews coffee at the ideal temperature and maintains a hotter, more delicious cup every time you brew.

Fully Programmable

Easy push-button controls for easy brew-strength control, adjustable brew-start and auto-off times, settings for 1-4 cups, and ready tone on/off option.

Large, 14-Cup Capacity

Brew as little as 1-4 cups or up to 14 cups. Carafe includes stainless steel accent on handle.


Includes a reusable gold-tone filter for easy brewing and a charcoal water filter to ensure great-tasting coffee.

DCC-3200P1 lifestyle3DCC-3200P1 lifestyle3




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Model #







14-Cup Glass

14-Cup Glass

12-Cup Glass

12-Cup Thermal

10-Cup Thermal

Hotter Coffee



Strength Control



Adjustable Carafe Temperature




Push Button


Push Button/Dial

Push Button

Push Button/Dial

24-Hour Programmable


0-4 Hours

0-4 Hours

0-4 Hours

Clean Function

Gold-Tone Filter

Specification: Cuisinart DCC-3200P1 Perfectemp Coffee Maker, 14 Cup Progammable with Glass Carafe, Stainless Steel

Product Dimensions

7.75 x 9 x 14 inches

Item Weight

8.75 pounds





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Best Sellers Rank

#505 in Home & Kitchen (See Top 100 in Home & Kitchen)#4 in Coffee Machines

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Date First Available

August 6, 2014

10 reviews for Cuisinart DCC-3200P1 Perfectemp Coffee Maker, 14 Cup Progammable with Glass Carafe, Stainless Steel

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  1. L. Snow

    We’ve replaced an older Cuisinart DCC-1200 with this DCC-3200. Since it’s a popular line, I thought others might be interested in how they compare. (In the attached comparison photos, the 1200 is on the left and the 3200 is on the right):Taste: Coffee in the 3200 is more flavorful. A new machine might be expected to be better, but I think they’ve gotten the flow and temperature of the brewing process better.Temperature: The brewed coffee is much hotter. Both units have three temperature settings for the hot plate, but the settings on the 3200 are hotter.Size and Capacity. The 3200 handles 14 cups compared to the 1200’s 12 cups. Yet as you can see from the photos, they are the same height to fit on a counter. They seem to get the extra capacity by making the 3200 a little deeper from front to back. We’ve been surprised at how useful the extra capacity is.Carafe: The new glass carafe is just like the old one, only larger. It pours nicely with or without the lid on it. The new lid works the same as the old one, popping off and on. (I read some complaints about the lid on an intervening model with a spring opening, but if so, they fixed that by going back to the 1200 style).As far as I can tell, there isn’t a version of the 3200 designed for a thermal carafe like there is for the 12-cup models. I prefer the glass carafe because it keeps the coffee hotter longer, and I can always pour the coffee into a thermal carafe if I want to.Water Filling. The bigger size also increases the size of the water fill hole. The lid on the top of the 3200 unit raises to 90 degrees straight up, where the lid on the 1200 tilted further back and out of the way. Still the 3200 is easier to fill, and I suspect that the restriction on the tilt may help preserve the integrity of the hot water tube.Sneak a Cup. Taking out the carafe to sneak a cup during brewing worked great on the 1200 with little dripping, and still does on the 3200.Basket. The basket on the 3200 is very similar to the 1200, but a slightly different shape to accommodate more grounds for 14 cups. Actually, grounds just barely fit with a 4 cup paper filter in the new basket, and sometimes go above the filter in the basket. The basket actually seems more designed for the included gold filter.Water filter. The 3200 uses the exact same carbon filters and filter holder as the 1200, but the holder seems to fit more snugly in its hole, which may help prevent clogging (see below)Beep. The 3200 allows you to turn of the coffee-ready beep if you want.Controls. Controls on the 3200 are a little easier. The 3200 uses all push buttons with no switches. Separate hour and minute settings make it a little easier to program and set the clock. There is a new “Bold” setting which does indeed seem to result in stronger coffee. There is still a setting for smaller, 1-4 cup pots, but I never use that. You can still set the hot plate to stay hot for up to 4 hours, which is important to me. There is a fairly bright blue glow from the LED display on the 3200.Cleaning. There was a sensor button on the hot plate of the 1200 that’s gone on the 3200, so the plate stays cleaner. The extra stainless steel looks good on the 3200 but probably shows smudges more and might benefit from special cleaner fluids.Coffee Grounds Overflowing and Clogging. This was the biggest problem before, and I don’t know if it’s fixed, but it seems better. On the 1200, if you put too many coffee grounds in the filter it could overflow in the brewing process, and sometimes grounds would get into the water system and clog the tube. The 1200 was designed not to be repairable, but customers tried anyway with some difficulty. After one successful repair, we eventually had to replace the 1200. So far, we have not had any overflow issues with the 3200. The larger basket (with possibly a bigger drip opening), the deeper reservoir and longer case, and the more stable, non-tilting lid may help with this, but we will see how it works over time. I do notice that they made the bottom panel easier to remove, with regular screws instead of Torx, if it ever comes to that. My one tip for users is to always use the filter holder with a filter in it, even if your water is fine, because that should help prevent grounds from getting into the heating system.In all, the 3200 is an excellent replacement for the 1200, and worth the extra money if you are choosing between the two models new.

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  2. Amazon Customer

    3 for now, but I’ll revise later… why are so many of these reviews for the DCC-3200 rather than the DCC-3400?UPDATE: a week later.Okay, there, 5 stars. It took a few pots to get the grind, water, filter, brewing time vectors all sorted out but I think I’m there now. Yep, makes great coffee. I confess I went a bit crazy (after the first pot came out mediocre) — I got out my instant read thermometer and tracked the water temp up to only 187F… a bit below what you’d really want, but I’m not sure I can tell how much better those last 10 degrees will make it, plus, my thermometer might be off a bit. ;^) In any case, I made side by side cups using pour over right out of the kettle thinking I’d catch a problem with the DCC-3400, but nope. I couldn’t tell them apart. So, yay. (Oh, and for me this worked out to a fine/fine-medium grind, unbleached filters, the BOLD setting, and one scoop more coffee than cups on the water level indicator (i.e. 9 scoops to 8 “cups”).I think, starting over, I’d look harder at the SCAA approved KitcheAid units (which were a little less expensive — but I got this pot and a grinder on an Amazon Prime Day special). But I am now happy. Reports and updates may follow later.

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  3. Memento Mori

    UPDATE: JULY 2019 (around 6+ months later) Okay, I still think this is a really good little machine. I love my coffee and it’s never failed me yet. That being said, it is with some regret outweighed by allegiance to the Amazon community that counts on fair and honest reviews that I add the following update & DEDUCT one precious star. Some have commented about the heating base for the carafe losing its color and appearing a bit manky following a short time of ownership. After around 3-4 months, it started happening with my unit (see photos). I hypothesize that the problem is caused by setting the carafe warming plate to HIGH. I’ve since set it back to MEDIUM and I think the issue is abated. Unfortunately, the flaking base coating for my unit looks unsightly in an otherwise ship-shape kitchen. I hope one of the good engineers or CS people at Cuisinart see this review and address the issue. Hats off to CUISINART for making an ever-improving product for a reasonable price. Get this issue right and your back to a home-run hit. :-)— — —ORIGINAL REVIEW: I’ve had this a couple of months now, and it’s working great. I considered spending MUCH more on a fancy-schmancy one, but after much research, I choose this. I’m glad I do so far. I had an old 1st gen 1200 unit and kept the thing going, but as I evolved into more of a real “coffee person” I knew it was time to step things up. I love grinding my beans each time and enjoying the piping hot coffee this machine produces. I honestly don’t think you will find a better product anywhere near this price point. It looks nice and works well. If things change, I’ll update… but it’s time to go now. I need a coffee!

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  4. artyone

    I wasn’t sure about all of the bells and whistles that come with this pot. I didn’t think I would need them, but now that I have them I love them! The filter makes a huge difference in the taste. I also love that you can set how long you want your coffee to stay warm- burner immediately off, 1, 2, 3, or 4 hours (this comes in handy on those long work from home days). Also, the pot doesn’t leak or pour water all over the place, not sure what those reviewers were referring to. The 1-4 cup option adjusts the coffee perfect for small batches too. If I were to criticize anything it would be that the pot doesn’t pour into the maker well if you’re left handed, but hey, I’m used to a lot of design flaws in this world so it’s just another. If you’re right handed there is no issue because your hand would be on the outside edge of the maker. Even with that, 5 stars!

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  5. Marcus D.

    I make coffee a variety of ways…Chemex, V60, Kalita Wave, French Press….the one thing we didn’t have in our house was just a good old fashioned coffee maker. I have a coffee bar set up in my home right in our living room, so I needed a coffee maker that I didn’t mind looking at every day. And this is one beautiful coffee maker. The black stainless looks amazing and doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb.And apart from its looks, it also makes great coffee as well. I’m pretty picking with my coffee, so I ran a number of pots through to dial in my settings and preferences. I’ve been using this daily for a couple months now. I set it every night to make my wife coffee before she leaves for work and she loves it. We haven’t used a K-Cup once since getting this coffee maker, which was the ultimate goal.Super easy to clean. I empty the filter basket every morning and wash everything out and wipe down all the surfaces. Be careful not to open the lid too far after use, or you WILL get water down the back of the coffee maker (as is the case with just about every coffee maker in existence). Just open enough to remove the basket, and then hand-dry everything. I use a paper towel to dry off the inside portion, and then prop the lid open a bit to let it dry completely.The LED lights are a little bright when the coffee maker is set, but not a huge deal. The “beeping” that sounds when the coffee is done is LOUD. You could mistake it for a smoke alarm going off. There is an option to disable the beeping altogether, but I’d prefer options for quiet vs loud, because its default sound level is a bit overkill (at least for our house).Bottom line…beautiful coffee maker, makes great coffee, highly recommend!

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  6. David F.

    WOW! Finally we have a great coffee maker which really brews a great cup of coffee. Over the last 3 years or more we have gone through several different brands of coffee machines. Granted none of them cost over a hundred dollars or were real high end machines…..but we just never got a good tasting or real hot cup of coffee. Some of these broke, and some we just threw out. We are in our mid 50’s my wife actually was in coffee sales for several years and now she says, “This is the Best Coffee Maker she’s ever had”. Prior to making this purchase we read many many reviews, and we always look at the good reviews (4 and 5 star) and the bad reviews (1 and 2 star) prior to making a purchase decision. We looked at coffee makers with high end brand names which have been around a long time and looked at machines with a price point from $50 to $130.00. We were willing to buy in that price range and didn’t care….we just finally wanted a good machine which would brew a great cup of coffee and one that would last. What we love about this machine is it brews a very hot cup of coffee. Regardless of the quality of your coffee beans or ground, if your machine won’t brew at the proper temperature you just won’t get the full potential and flavor from your coffee. Second if your water doesn’t steep long enough with your grounds…..again you just won’t get the flavor you desire. This Cuisinart does both and we are SO happy! The features are wonderful. It is the BOLD setting on the display panel which will steep the grounds longer for that full flavor that many of us desire. Apparently the heating element is great quality because you get a truly hot cup of coffee. Other features we like about the machine is it has an easy changeable charcoal water filter in it (comes with filter) even though we put very pure water in anyways. The water reservoir is also very easy to see how much water is actually in the machine. The large 14 cup size glass carafe is nice when we have company over. There is also a carafe temperature button which allows you to select a low, medium, or high temperature to the warming plate depending on how hot you want your refills. Another really great feature this machine has which impressed me is the Clean Button on the display panel. At first I thought that was a button you’d use when you want to clean the machine. It is not. What it actually does is lights up RED when it is time to decalcify the machine. How great is that! The machine comes with a great instruction booklet as well. There are other features but this is what we like best about it.I will write one more very important point which we realized right away but took time to test for a while before writing this review. Because our other machines did not have a bold mode button and did not allow water to be in the brew basket long enough….we always added more coffee to the basket desiring a stronger fuller flavored cup of coffee. Now we find it is never necessary to do that. We were going through a 12 oz. bag in about a week and now with this coffee maker the same bag, and with us drinking the same amount of coffee lasts over 2 weeks! Now that’s real dollars in savings. We drink Fresh Cup Of Hope Organic Direct Trade coffee. It’s not cheap coffee, but oh so delicious. So even though I PAID $76.00 for the machine, because of the savings this coffee machine actually COST me nothing! Get it? That is real savings and as my wife said……it’s the best machine we ever owned and she can’t wait to wake up each morning to a Fresh Hot Cup of Coffee.

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  7. Jen B

    This review is for the DCC-3400 machine with a thermal carafe. This machine makes great tasting coffee, has simple intuitive operation, does not take up much space on the counter, and is *really* good looking. I recently purchased this to replace a similar Cuisinart model that I had for over 12 years. And the previous one was still working fine – it had just gotten dingy after daily use for so many years. I prefer using a thermal carafe because I usually stretch a pot of coffee over several hours, and coffee gets a burnt taste when heated for that long with a heating plate. The primary advantage of the thermal carafe (besides looking really nice) is that it keeps the coffee hot through insulation of the carafe, and not by continuously heating the carafe. So there are three things you need to know (1) the plate that it sits on does not heat up, (2) coffee in the carafe is going to lose heat over the course of a day; that is physics and it’s unavoidable. However, it loses heat at a very slow rate. The coffee remains hot for several hours throughout the morning after it has been brewed, and even by the afternoon I would call it very warm – that’s 9-10 hours after it was brewed and would be burnt coffee sludge if it were directly heated for that long, and (3) the lid is designed to maintain a seal that reduces the rate of heat loss, but you don’t have to twist or open anything to pour a cup. For this reason, the coffee pours more slowly than if the spout were just open. But honestly, the difference is along the lines of taking 4 seconds to fill a cup instead of 2 seconds. I don’t understand the claims in other reviews about spilling when pouring, unless they are turning the carafe upside down to try to make it pour faster. The spout pours just fine and I’ve noticed that this model actually pours a little faster than the previous one I had. If the spout were more open, the carafe would lose heat more quickly. The only way to seal it further would be to design a lid that needs to be twisted open when you want to pour (like a thermos), and it would still lose heat at a faster rate every time you open it. I feel that the design of this carafe strikes the right balance between the seal needed to retain heat and ease of pouring. Another bonus is that the carafe does not need to sit in the coffee maker to stay warm – when serving coffee to a group I can keep the pot right on the table or wherever is most convenient. A thermal carafe may not fit the bill for everyone, but if you need a pot of coffee to stay hot for several hours without eventually tasting burnt, I highly recommend this machine.

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  8. Monte K. Snyder

    Cuisinart DCC-3400 Thermal Coffeemaker, Carafe, overall is an excellent machine. Note that I’ve only had it about a month. This was a purchase made from frustration with the typical “glass” carafes with most machines. I always break them, then must replace the whole machine. Waste of money and upsetting to boot. Stainless steel was a logical choice, but expensive. Two drawbacks, more a nuisance than a complaint. 1) The water fill spot is narrow, wedged in the back right side corner. I use a funnel to pour the water into it, so problem solved. 2) Except for the first two cups, the carafe pours steadily albeit slowly, due to the seal between the carafe and the lid to it. Not unexpected, as air must be permitted to enter to let the coffee pour out. Plus on this is I’m less likely to miss the cup while pouring, and it has a hefty pour spout too, so aiming is no problem, no drips.On the plus side, it makes a terrific cup of coffee, at least for me, and I use cheap coffee. Five loud beeps sound when the pot is done. Coffee stays warm for about an hour, but a microwave is required if you want it hot after, depending on taste. Plus here is your coffee is never burnt due to a hot plate. (it doesn’t have one.) Coffee hours later, no problem, just warm it in your cup. Tastes just like fresh.Controls are the simplest in any machine I’ve had, and I’ve lost count of them. Easy to clean, it’s self cleaning with vinegar & seems to work great. Allow at least 30 minutes for the cycle, and it notifies you when it needs cleaning. I have not used the charcoal filter, so no opinion. Now, lets see if I can manage to break this one?

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  9. TheWindyCity

    This drip coffee maker is awesome! I bought it to replace my 10 year old DCC-1200. Cuisinart seems to have made all the right improvements, but most of all, they perfected the brewing water temp and carafe heater temp. Additionally, they improved the hot water shower head, making it larger so that more of the grounds surface gets wet. Because of this, you get a great cup of coffee! You also now have control of the auto-off time, and you can shut off the coffee-ready beeper. They added a “Bold” button to slow down the brewing process if you want a stronger cup. They added a side-view sight tube so you can see the tank water level from the side.Being a geek and coffee aficionado, I know that the brew water temp is critical. I did a water temp comparison between the two Cuisinarts and here are the results. Shower head exit temp Carafe brewed coffee temp on highDCC-1200 180 170DCC-3200 195 180Granted, the DCC-1200 was older, but we maintained it with regular cleanings.Bottom line, you will be very satisfied with your first cup of coffee regarding the coffee flavor and temp, as well as the tight footprint of this maker on your counter top!

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  10. Scooter

    I had 2 Cuisinart DCC 1200…Skip this model, both leaked. Carafe was hard to pour in cup without spilling. 2nd one lasted less 2 years. We make (loose) tea. It was not as hot as I like.DCC 3200AMZ…Newer model of DCC 3200. Do not know the differences between models. This model is stainless steel. Where the older model only has SS on carafe handle. I got the newer model, wanted latest technology.I was Leary about buying this one. But got it anyway. So far we really love it. It was perfect right out of the box. The tea is hotter. The hot plate keeps tea hotter. Used the charcoal filter. Much better favor. The carafe does not spill, like the old one did. No problem putting water in the reservoir. Heats fast. For my purposes. I only set the time. Don’t use all the extras. Not needed. Easy to use. This is far better than the DCC 1200.

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    Cuisinart DCC-3200P1 Perfectemp Coffee Maker, 14 Cup Progammable with Glass Carafe, Stainless Steel
    Cuisinart DCC-3200P1 Perfectemp Coffee Maker, 14 Cup Progammable with Glass Carafe, Stainless Steel


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