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Demon's Souls, PlayStation 5Demon's Souls, PlayStation 5

Demon's Souls, PlayStation 5Demon's Souls, PlayStation 5

Stunning visuals

Experience the original brutal challenge, completely remade from the ground up. All presented in stunning visual quality with enhanced performance, this is the world of Boletaria as you have never seen it before.

Become the Slayer of Demons

Venture to the northern kingdom of Boletaria – a once prosperous land of knights, now beset with unspeakable creatures and ravenous demons. Meet strange characters, unhinged and twisted by the world around them, and unravel the unsettling story of Demon’s Souls.

Demon's Souls, PlayStation 5Demon's Souls, PlayStation 5

Demon's Souls, PlayStation 5Demon's Souls, PlayStation 5

Master the arts of sorcery and war

Perfect and hone your skills in combat – know when to push forward and when to bide your time, as with each missed swing and careless mistake, you risk losing the very souls you’ve worked so hard to collect. The rewards for slaying the strongest foes are immense though, and death does not mean the end – it’s just another state of being.

Face the world’s greatest warriors in ferocious PVP combat

With online* invasions adding to the danger of your quest. Or play cooperatively by summoning allies to aid in your fight against the demons.

*Active PS Plus subscription required for online multiplayer.

Demon's Souls, PlayStation 5Demon's Souls, PlayStation 5

Specification: Demon’s Souls – PlayStation 5



Release date

November 12, 2020

Customer Reviews

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#396 in Video Games (See Top 100 in Video Games)#13 in PlayStation 5 Games


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0.6 x 5.3 x 6.7 inches; 3.36 Ounces


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3.36 ounces



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Date First Available

September 16, 2020

10 reviews for Demon’s Souls – PlayStation 5

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  1. Kevin D. Rogers

    This isn’t a remastered version, this is a whole new remake. The graphics are great and wonderfully scaled to modern day expectations. The story line is the same as it was on PS3 with a few extras here and there, I won’t spoil it for y’all though. This is the game that created a new genre in gaming. If you love challenges and games that make you think and gives you the feeling of accomplishment after defeating a boss or conquering an area, grab this and experience the next level of gaming on the best next gen console.

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  2. Diane G

    I will admit this is the first souls game I’ve ever played. The thing I learned quickly is that patience can make your experience a lot better. Don’t rush into that next area, load back into the area you just completed to farm and sharpen your skills. Take a moment to walk around and explore, you may discover new paths or items you didn’t find on your first run. There’s no harm in taking your time, it REALLY helps you out, making the experience a tad less challenging and more fun to play. It’s really annoying seeing people drop 1 star reviews proclaiming this game sucks just for it’s difficulty. Give it some time and I promise you that this will be one of the most rewarding games you’ve ever played.Congratulations to Blue Point for excellently bringing back an old classic. Demons Souls defined the Soulsborne series, and even to this day Fromsoftware is still using Demons Souls bosses and level designs as inspiration for their newer games. These visuals and graphics define next gen gaming, and it makes me so excited for whats to come in the future.

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  3. The David

    This release 1000% lived up to the hype of the most diehard Souls fan.BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL game that stays true to its controller throwing roots! If you never played Demon’s Souls you’re in for a treat. This is the game that single handedly created a new genre of brutally addicting games that reward you like nothing else can once you master it. Demon’s Souls got a complete remake that has mostly stayed true to the original minus of course any load screens, read that again NO LOADING SCREENS thanks to the power of the PS5. The beautiful graphics capture a world the designers saw in their heads but couldn’t dream of creating on PS3 when this first appeared back in 2009.Demon’s Souls is a MUST PLAY game for everyone to experience but be warned that it is HARD by design. It punishes you for dieing, the more you die the harder it gets. You must strategize and learn your enemies. If you expect to button mash your way through this game you will fail miserably. For those who dare the journey is something AMAZING that few games have ever delivered.

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  4. Trevor

    But I love it anyways. Who knew death could be so beautiful

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  5. GazeUponThisFellow

    If you enjoyed the original, you’ll likely enjoy this one. It’s the same game remade from the ground up to look and sound more modern but they left pretty much everything else alone. Aside from that, if you enjoy slaying monsters with medieval weaponry and appreciate a good challenge, you’ll enjoy this. Absolutely loved it and look forward to playing through it again. Also, I didn’t have any issues with the game crashing or being buggy (other than some of the bugs they left from the original just to stay true to it). I bought this and played it at launch, so I’m not sure what the deal is with people’s games giving them a hard time.

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  6. Doyles

    As the title says here this game is one of the most beautiful games I’ve played but challenging as well. There’s a huge sense of accomplishment when you do things in this game like open a shortcut or beat that guy who’s been killing you even better when you beat the boss at the end of the level. 100% worth it.

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  7. Mely Monsta

    I’ve never played Demon’s Souls but when I saw how graphically impressive it looked on PS5 I just had to bite the bullet. I’ve heard the rumors of how difficult these games can be, but that’s an understatement. This game is absolutely brutal and it challenges you to adapt and learn. The truth just like the player base says, the best advice is “git guud”. The world environments suck you in and the diverse enemies are truly a stressful joy to witness. I’m about ten hours in, and I’ve probably died a thousand times, but I will continue on because this game is a masterpiece. Umbasa!

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  8. Fro

    PARENTAL ADVISORY: You were warned.Bottom Line first: BUY IT, but only, Buttercup, if you can handle it. If you get frustrated easily, quit when your team is down by a few points, sell stocks when they drop a little, or get upset when a mouse tries to flex on an Elephant, this game is not for you or for your poor family and/or friends who have to suffer through you whining about how many times you have died and lost “yo’ s**t”. This a thinking Warrior’s game, a thinking person’s crusade to not break their brand f**king new PS5 because this game just castrated them spiritually, culturally, religiously, and mentally for the fifth f***ing time in a row.A special note to parents, as a parent, I am not sure I can recommend this for your kids if they are not schooled in the wretchedly unfair nature of the “classics”. Here I mean those games from our childhood, say, Atari and Coleco Vision, NES/SNES and Genesis eras of video gaming where on occasion a game came around that kicked your ass so much that you had a real choice, either wilt, or commit yourself to defeating it to the point that you risked mortal peril to yourself and your mental well-being. That said, if you have schooled them, here’s looking at you, kid. You are my kind of scum. Go on ahead and let little Tina and Tommy run head long into that buzzsaw, I say. Good mothers and fathers of the world, let thy children get the taste of digital blood in their mouths. It’ll get them ready for the world or a trip to shrink’s couch.Some of you may be taken aback and maybe even aghast by this sort of review that is openly punching you in the face. If so, do not play this game. I am going to keep writing in this sarcastic, slap yo momma in the face style on this one and do so with all the aggression and anger in the world because this game gives no f**ks about you, your trophy count, your friends list, whether you drive an Audi TT or a 1985 Chevette. It. Does. Not. Care. About. Your. Feelings. It. Is. Here. To. Break. You. Kind of like Ivan Drago, but, made by world class Japanese developers, coders, artists, and more who give no f**ks about your character getting repeatedly pummeled—yet, they really, really want you to like their game and hope, you, yourself, are living a full and happy life, while their game tries to do unspeakable things to your in game character.If I were to attempt to define it simply, I would say that it is simply a haunting and beautifully dark gaming marathon, where heart and determination, are replaced by sheer will power and stupid ambition, maybe stupidity itself, as it is required of you to be a little stupid to play this beast, along with a little wit, and maybe, yes, a little digital blood in your mouth.In a word, it is awesome. And I love it. God help me, I love it so.History of the game:For the uninformed this game is a remake of the cult classic that released way, way back in 2009 on the PS3. On the original, I logged over 70+ hours and found myself entranced by this game’s ability to smash my nuts repeatedly. It was not a world beater in sales, maybe a smasher of people’s hearts and reproductive organs, but not a sales leader like say COD: MW II. Yet, this game started—yeah, yeah, don’t bring up Dark Souls to me; this came first—the “soul’s style” of games. Having played several of the later games, I must admit that Demon’s Souls remains my favorite. Everything else, while offering different things, just never really did it for me. And so, when I heard it was a launch title and that serious care was taken to retain as much as possible of the glory of the original, I said, simply, “sign me up”Gameplay:So, I like reviews that are not chock-full of spoilers, but man, there is a point in the initial cutscene that will awaken you to the potential of the PS5, DualSense, and adds a layer of excitement to the game. If you figure out what I am talking about, put it in the comments below.The basics of the game is that it is a thinking person’s hack and slash game that demands that you use the heavy object above your neck. Yes, you can try to run, like a fool, head long into danger and yes, you can swing wildly with your sword (I tend to play as a knight because it gets me chest deep into the action), but if you are not successful in defeating your enemy, you will pay an awfully high price. That said, do not underestimate your enemies, they get better and better. My advice, if you are struggling, back up, heal up, and try again. What to do if a section is too tough? Grind aspects of it to get your strength and power up. And, of course, take your time. Do not try to speed run this.As I alluded to as you progress through the game, you will become stronger, but so too, will your enemies and the bosses you encounter. That said, you are never alone as you may be playing in your own instance, but you are a part of a larger shared world that allows you to help your fellow warrior or harm them by leaving helpful or harmful messages and, of course, by joining, temporarily, in their instance to help or harm them directly. Yep, the beasts are not the only thing you have to worry about, much like life, some of the most treacherous creatures you encounter, are, in fact, your fellow man. But, they can also be your best friends.Graphics, sounds and overall immersion:Haunting, beautiful, gothic, and lonely. The shadows, the mist, and attention to detail standout. You feel like a warrior on a mission. No better than that. You feel like a warrior with a one way ticket to hell. Nope that ain’t right, either. You feel like a warrior on a one way ticket to hell, who will die an awful lot. That’s better.Solitude is your companion, for the most part, though as I alluded, there are those who you will see running around as their ghostly aberrations mark their movements. Is it perfect graphically? No, (for example, in the tutorial section, the water at the beginning is average in its implementation, not horrible, but not the best I have seen); still, for an eleven-year-old game rebuilt for the launch of the PS5, Demon’s Souls does not disappoint.Mood is big deal to me, and I suspect to you, just enjoy the world and its disturbing beauty as a maelstrom of discontent, death, and plague engulf you. And, when you are not hacking your way through or, more likely, trying not to fail on setting up a critical parry or dodge or roll, listen. Listen to the world. You can hear, thanks to the 3d Audio of the PS5, well, everything. The sounds of breathing, the crumbling rocks, the chains swinging, the sound of your sword crashing into the wall after you miss the knight that stands right in front of you and plans to rearrange your face. The wind, man, the sound of the wind as it cuts through the walls! You can hear it, as it should, largely sound. The sound of fire and embers. Thank god you can’t taste soot! But, for a moment, you swear to yourself you can. And, oh, by the way, you can hear your enemy’s footsteps. Pacing, searching, for…you. The lonely singing in the Nexus of what sounds like a damn gregorian choir. Unreal.Faults:The enemy AI, can at times, be dumb as bricks. There were moments that I put myself in a horribly unbalanced position, where a more skilled AI would send me packing. Either the AI has been toned down a bit or I got better (always possible) in the eleven years since I last played the original. Do note, this did not happen all the time, but it certainly happened.In closing, this is the Hotel California of video games, you can checkout any time you like, but, my friends, you can never leave. Such is the bond of the Nexus and the Black Maiden. Thus, there is nothing more to say to you, other then this: “Soul of the lost, withdrawn from its vessel. Let strength be granted, so the world might be mended. So, the world might be mended.”Godspeed.

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  9. C. Zheng

    This remake is amazing. It retains all the elements of the original game that made the original a classic masterpiece, and at the same time made such improvements to the environments and overall visual that modernizes this fan favorite game.It’s simply amazing and worth every penny. I feel lucky to be able to play this as my first ps5 title.

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  10. Grim Godslayer

    I’m impressed by the lack of changes to the game. It’s exactly like I’m playing the original game and I love it. They’ve made obvious graphical improvements, but a few other small changes as well. Nearly everything about the environment has remained the same, including the layouts of areas and enemy placements, which has brought me great joy. It’s like returning home after being away for eleven years, finding that everything as you left it.With all that said, I recognize that this is certainly a downgrade from the Dark Souls games. This game is simply shorter, has less content, and, well, I miss my falling down strike attack. So if you are expecting an upgrade from Dark Souls, you’ll be disappointed. If you’re expecting to play Demon’s Souls 2009 again, you’ll certainly be satisfied.

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    Demon’s Souls – PlayStation 5
    Demon’s Souls – PlayStation 5


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