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Kenwood KSC-SW11 150 Watt Compact Powered Subwoofer for CAR




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Kenwood KSC-SW11 150 Watt Compact Powered Subwoofer for CAR


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Kenwood KSC-SW11 Compact Powered Enclosed Subwoofer


  • 150W peak power Powered subwoofer
  • Aluminum Die-cast frame
  • Noise-less sound
  • Wired remote (Level/Freq./phase control)
  • Line(RCA) + speaker level input

Specification: Kenwood KSC-SW11 150 Watt Compact Powered Subwoofer for CAR

Item Weight

‎6.17 pounds

Product Dimensions

‎11 x 7.5 x 2.75 inches

Item model number


Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Wireless Remote



‎1 YR Manufacturer


‎4.5 Kilograms



Customer Reviews

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Best Sellers Rank

#10,646 in Electronics (See Top 100 in Electronics)#26 in Car Component Subwoofers

Date First Available

March 14, 2013

10 reviews for Kenwood KSC-SW11 150 Watt Compact Powered Subwoofer for CAR

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  1. Erin C

    For having such a small footprint, this little sub packs a punch! I wanted to add more low end/bass to my 2016 Honda HRV (6 speaker stock EX system), but I didn’t want to sacrifice any cargo space. This sub *just* fits under the drivers seat. I installed it with an Audio Control LC2i line out converter, which takes care of bass roll-off with factory systems. With this and a pair of infinity primus components up front, my HRV sounds like a different car.This was perfect for a fuller sound, especially when paired up with a factory head unit. If you want to rattle the car next to you, then this isn’t the sub for you. Even with that in mind I’ve been pleasantly surprised with the amount of kick this sub can give!

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  2. AdventureInUtah

    I have VERY limited storage space in my two door Jeep Wrangler (JK) so a traditional subwoofer was out of the question. I was looking for something that could fit under the driver’s seat. There were only a couple of options in a powered sub that would work, so I settled on the Kenwood and I am extremely pleased that I did. It is a perfect fit. I mean that it fits like it was made for it. I do not even have to use anything to secure it in place. The pic that I attached was just after I tried fitting it into place. After I ran the wires under the carpet, you don’t even notice that it has been installed, which hopefully will keep it from “walking away” when I have the top off.Performance: It puts out way more bass than I expected from such a small unit. I was only looking for something to fill in the missing bass from the four 6.5″ Infinity speakers that I have in my Jeep. This EASILY does that and also has enough bass to handle it when my teenage son wants to push the limits. The remote is really great and so easy to fine tune the sound. You can set the Hz to the range that sounds great and not distorted and you can adjust the volume of the sub to fit the type of music you are listening to.Honestly, I am confused by some of the other reviews on here that are disparaging of this subs capabilities. I feel like it would have to be improper installation or a head unit setting that s limiting their performance. If that is not the case, they are just being ridiculous with expectations. This isn’t a 15″ sub in a custom box, but it really thumps.If you have space limitations or just want a simple plug and play sub, this is the one for you. It is honestly very impressive for its size.***********************************************************************************************************************************************I rely on reviews when I make purchases so I put a lot of time into reviewing everything I buy on Amazon for personal and my business. Please show your appreciation by clicking the “helpful” below when it asks if the review is helpful!!!

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  3. Richard Pease

    So I’m an MECP Certified Technician Professional Installer. I bought my truck a little over a year ago (2000 Chevy 2500) So please pay attention to what I’m going to tell you about this subwoofer. The installation is much easier than installing a Kicker Hideaway system. The sound is close to it (The Kicker has a little bit better lower sound). Now I had plenty of options to put in my truck I could have went with a custom built box however I have tools under the seats that I keep away from the elements and tend to use my back seat for storage (It’s rained for the past 53 weeks in my area). So keeping in mind that I Needed something that was going to deliver enough bass that I enjoy without breaking the bank or getting my pulled over for a noise violation (3 communities in my area have Noise Ordinances that are STRICTLY Enforced with $400 fines). So when I bought the truck the previous owner blew the speakers, the AC Delco Radio was trashed, so I decided to install a high end pioneer touchscreen single-dinn radio with back up camera. Fronts I went with the new Kenwood 6 1/2’s and swapped out the suicide door speakers with Rockford Fosgate 5 1/4’s since I was going to have a hide away subwoofer. The Installation can be done a few ways if you have a good understanding of your vehicles electrical system. Running aftermarket I decided to go with the RCA’s instead of military tapping into the speakers rear wires or using a Line out Converter to give it a better sound. You can run the power wire to the battery if you’d like to or if you want to you can also run it to the accessory wire of the Radio or another accessory wire in the vehicle. I ran mine to the accessory wire to the radio which pulls more than enough current for this subwoofer after testing it with a Digital Multi-Meter. The ground wire is slightly shorter so please find a VERY good place to ground it on the chasis (I ran mine under the carpet stripping the paint and tapping in with a self tapping screw & Star washer sealing the bottom with Silicone as to prevent any water leaks). The sound pressure level in the cab is amazing. It’s not too loud and believe me you’re not going to win any sound competitions with this subwoofer however for as small as it is, fit firmly and neatly underneath of the drivers seat. I used some 3M Velco Strips to ensure that it didn’t slide around underneath in case I hit a bump or went up on an incline. Impressive Yes. Easy to Install Yes. Great Sound Yes. Competition NO. But those who get in your vehicle will know that you have a subwoofer. The controller is wired and will need to be mounted somewhere (I ran mine to the 3rd Seat and left it there in case I have to turn the sub off when I go through these Ordinance enforced communities nearby) and my only complaint IS the remote. It takes about a half second to react, but that’s not a big minus to me for me to mark it down any. Now with all speakers, your initial sound on installation isn’t going to be the best. The speakers have to flex for a while in order for them to mature but after 2 weeks the sound was just amazing. Parked and watching movies on break makes me feel like I’m in a theater setting. Listening to Rock, Metal, Rap, Hip Hop and other various genre’s will need some tweaking within your head unit but the subwoofer itself is very reactive and doesn’t phase out the other high end woofers I added to the doors. In fact it enhances the over all performance (The Rockford Fosgate 5 1/4’s have bass blockers built in so there’s no bass overpowering coming in from the back other THAN the subwoofer) Overall a great performing subwoofer, with easy installation and for the price WAY worth the recommendation. I still give it 5 stars because of the fact even though I’m not very pleased with the remote control it’s NOT the selling point for me on an inexpensive self contained AMP/Sub. Great Job Kenwood!

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  4. Anthony Carparelli

    Received quickly. I bought one of these a few months ago and loved it. It was under my passenger seat and although no one else could tell, I felt like the sound was coming from that side so I wand to even out the sound. Now with just one the bass made a big difference since I only have four 6.5 in round Polk Db652’s. They are great speakers but not a lot of bass. After installing this second unit under the drivers seat really made a big difference in the amount of bass produced. I had to turn down the volume on both because it was thumping too loud for me. These units are a great option if u don’t have a lot of space or don’t want to spend a ton of money. Can’t recomend highly enough. Oh and the install was straight forward. You will need RCA cables if your stereo has a bass out. If not and you are connecting to speaker wires all you need is a tap circuit to connect to an existing fuse in your fuse box.

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  5. T. Davis

    These are hands down the smallest powered bass boxes in the mass market today, and with a super low price point it was easy to get two. Such small units made finding space for them a snap; most cars will take these under the seat with no modifications. All their wiring attaches via included wiring harness that plugs in at the bass box. I’ve got them in a small Euro compact from the 80’s, so when I carry backseat passengers for more than a half-hour drive, I can unplug and leave the subs at home.Did I just call these subs? They’re not. As bass boxes they truly excel – the crossover can be adjusted up to 125 Hz, or as low as 50 Hz they’ll still have plenty from a good CD to push out. But these are not competing with a 12″ cone in a 40-lb box on a 500-watt amp. If you want to rattle the seals loose on your windshield these will not go there. They supplement your existing system. They also don’t filter the low-end signal from the rest of your speakers: if you want to cut your main speakers’ low bass, you’ll need to either add high-pass filtering at those speakers or, more likely, look for an amp with sub outputs and main-speaker trim controls to do the filtering for you.But as good, economical bass in a good, economical car audio system, these little boxes are superb. I’m using 2 to augment my 1980’s head unit, which puts out just 12 watts RMS per channel; with 2 of these hooked up to the speaker-out leads, I get plenty of sound and all the bass I could want. To be fair, one was doing the job fine, but I bought 2 and put ’em both in for just that little bit of overkill. :)Speaking of “modification” I did open the speakers and added 100 square inches of Dynamat Extreme to each box. The base is solid metal – feels like aluminum billet, it’s that solid – but the upper is fairly thick but fairly flexible plastic. The plastic’s flex helps keep the box from breaking things or cracking itself when jammed hard in a tight spot, so I still like the design. Opening the case was 6 easy screws; the speaker 4 more; reassembly was a snap. Adding the extra 2mm of dynamat to the inside (just the plastic surfaces)helps the sound a little. If you like Dynamat for the speaker enclosures in your car, you’ll like it in these bass boxes, and you’ll find it’s easier to apply. (If you wouldn’t bother with dynamat in your car, of course, you won’t miss it in these great little bass boxes either.)Update: These little bass boxes just get better by the day. After a couple weeks’ break-in using the default cabling setup, I re-cabled to try and get Left-Right channel separation. With the speaker cables all running to the center hump between seats, I connected both Lefts to the left speaker, both Rights to the right speaker, and set the Phase to 0 on both controllers. It works! True low-bass is omnidirectional, of course, so in the 40-60Hz range there’s no impact. But the 60-125Hz range has a fair amount of directional bass on some works – think “Dark Side Of The Moon” for instance – and these boxes really shine on those stereo-separated bass/drum/synth instrumental licks!

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  6. Robert from Alaska

    This is a great very compact sub if you need a self powered unit to fit in a very tight space. I mounted mine under the power driver seat in my 2014 Tundra. Fits great.The kit is fairly complete but you will need to drill some holes to fit the mounting brackets provided. You may also need to buy the bullet connectors to tap the speaker wires to bring the signal to the Sub if you dont have SUB or extra pre-amp outputs on your head unit.The sound is good, and the remote works well, with variable crossover / band pass, phase select, and sub level on a long cord which I was able to bring up into the center console storage unit. I could have run this all the way to the dash board or glove box – plenty of cable. I say the sound is good, not outstanding, it filled in really well when I had my speakers driven from the factory head unit and amp. I later added an aftermarket JL amp and use the amp band pass to selectively drive the 4 speakers with frequencies above 80 hz, and the sub setting at under 100 hz. was a good mix.This is not as full and resonant as a separately amp’ed 12″ cone – if you want really thumping distinct bass you shouldn’t be looking for compact. I wanted subtle but noticeable bass to round out the system – this met my needs for not too much money, and stowed away discretely too.One additional feature – there is a firm grill over the bass cone – a must for my location to protect the cone from damage.

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  7. Wilfrid Fookes

    Just wanted to give a quick review of this in a 1999 Boxter. Mine is a basic model in excellent condition, but with only two 4 inch speakers on the front dash. My original speakers were shot, so I replaced them with some $90 speakers and let my local installer put them in. The base was really disappointing, and there is little room to put a subwoofer. This one could go under the seat, but you have to take the seat off…too much hassle. However I found it drops right behind the passenger seat all the way to the bottom. The best sound is if you pull the seat up about an inch. Once you tune it with the included remote, that fits nicely in front of the shift lever, it really fills out the lower end nicely.

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  8. Jelly Role

    I’ll start by saying, yes I was the one with a BD1000 pushing a pair of 12s. Ah the glory days. Here’s the thing. I’m in my 40’s now and have a couple kids and a wife. I love music and I love it loud. However, I’m not out to impress the kids in the high school parking lot or wake my neighbors’ sleeping babies. I just wanted to improve the so so stock radio in my Hyundai accent. This little thing works well to fill that void of mid-bass that the factory speaks can’t handle. My turd car is a 2013 so it came with mids and separate tweeters. That’s a start. It sounded decent, but couldn’t reproduce the lows without getting muddy. So, enter the Kenwood. I wired this in under the passenger seat. I also wired in some 150 hz bass blockers to eliminate the lows from the factory system. This little Kenwood fills that void nicely. It actually “thumps” pretty well. I say “tumps” in parentheses, because….well you know what I mean. Now, it will vibrate your mirrors and it will play the tones that make Drake popular. It will also hammer some double bass kicks from your favorite metal drummer. What it won’t do, it won’t do what a pair of 12’s do with a ton of power behind them will do. It won’t have your passengers looking for that knob to back off the bass. If that’s what you want, this isn’t your animal. If you want that “man, this is a surprisingly full sounding factory stereo sound” from your friends and family then this is your guy. I feel like this enhances a marginal factory radio. It makes it tolerable so you don’t have the itch to rip it out and build a complete system from scratch.

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  9. Benjamin

    This thing is absolutely awesome! I’m 32 years old with kids and not trying to prove anything to anyone…but I appreciate quality music!! I don’t need dual 12’s to anger the neighbors and give my kids permanent hearing damage! Enter this Kenwood powered sub: I tried listening to reviews on youtube and all of them suck. There is just NO way you can use a camera phone to share the audio quality of this little guy. I decided to just pull the trigger and try it. I am SO glad I did! After purchasing a small 4-channel amp to power my speakers, I hooked this guy up on its own and it does everything I had hoped. It is small enough to be installed under my passenger seat in my 2003 f150 super crew. Loud enough to still give some decent vibrations, but fills the hollow mids/highs of my speakers with a fullness of sound. Installation took a while because I removed all of my seats and center console and ran all of the wires properly to hide them…but it was “simple” in that the installation was not complicated. I would recommend this in a heartbeat…especially for those who have trucks with little space like myself!

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  10. 1robbi3

    This is a power enclosed subwoofer and that is exactly what you are getting. If you are looking for something that will wear down mechanical components of your car faster due to the vibrations or want to be heard from a block away, this is NOT the enclosed woofer for you.I have a 2001 Maxima, JVC KD BT headunit, kicker 6.5″ in the front (waiting for the rears) and stock Bose amp and tweeters. The rear deck sub wasnt doing it anymore. It sounds like plastic thumps. Wanted more oomf to myself and this kenwood gave me that oomf. Tweaking the settings on the fly is a must depending on the genre, instruments, and the latter. I can get $ave Dat Money and One Dance to bump pretty good on this thing. Something as simple as songs by The Police also stand out more on this sub. It generally increases the listening experience and is not meant for rumbles, ya know?Took about 1hr30m to install, including taking the center console apart. I took 12v power right from the headunit and grounded it right to the frame there too. The ground wire is SHORT. I placed it under the passenger seat temporarily just to get it working. I did not run the wires through the trim, or conceal them other than behind a full size floormat and some plastic panels, for now.I did not use speaker level input (copper wire to RCA harness). I bought an amp kit separate just in case (kenwood sub does NOT come with RCA cables). If you’re not using RCA, that won’t be a problem.P.Cont however, might be. On my headunits harness splices, I had “AMP turn on 12v” linked to P.Cont. if your csr has a factory amp, you must create a Y splice. AMP Turn On – P.Cont – P.Cont. The included harness with the subwoofer hints at that, as it’s already prepared for that, but I did not find it mentioned in the booklet. Additionally, since my rear deck sub was shot, yet has it’s own relay amp that powers the cars 6 speakers – I cut the positive and negative speaker wires straight at the rear decks speaker. This allowed it to amplify the power of my cars speakers again (as opposed to unplugging it all together and having no amplification, without buying an amp)At like 5 years into manufacturing now, for what it is, it does what it needs to do. It sounds good, and I would buy another (one for under each seat). It definitely belongs in the cabin and not a cars trunk unless you want it faint. I still feel it in the side of my head, so you know it works good.Great stock sub replacement.

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    Kenwood KSC-SW11 150 Watt Compact Powered Subwoofer for CAR
    Kenwood KSC-SW11 150 Watt Compact Powered Subwoofer for CAR


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