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OFM ESS Collection Racing Style Bonded Leather Gaming Chair, in Pink (ESS-3085-PINK)




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OFM ESS Collection Racing Style Bonded Leather Gaming Chair, in Pink (ESS-3085-PINK)


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gaming chairgaming chair

Computer Gaming Chair

A race car style chair that provides luxury and comfort whether used during intense gaming sessions or long workdays.

Pink/Black Racer Style Gaming Chair


Whether the battle is happening via virtual reality or in the boardroom, the OFM Essentials Collection Racing Style Bonded Leather Gaming Chair is the perfect weapon. The smooth, pliable, leather accents give an upscale look while customizable features allow for personalized comfort all day long.

pink gaming chairpink gaming chair

ergonomic chairergonomic chair

Ergonomic Swivel Chair

With contoured segmented padding, integrated padded headrest, and padded arms, this video game chair provides quality support and comfort for hours of play.

padded seat and backpadded seat and back

Segmented Padded Seat

Segmented padded seat and back design offer comfort all day long.

leather chairleather chair

Leather Chair

Upholstered in SofThread Leather and sleek pink mesh with black stitching for an aggressive style and cool feel.

adjustable chairadjustable chair

Adjustable Racing Chair

This racing style office chair has seat height adjustment, center-tilt control, flip-up arms and 360 degrees of swivel.

computer office chaircomputer office chair

Built for Gaming Performance

This heavy duty, durable chair has a 275 lb weight capacity for long-lasting use.

arm chairarm chair

Flip Up Arms

Flip up arms allow you to conveniently move them out of the way while the padded feature allows you to rest comfortably.

reclining chairreclining chair

Recline Function

Center-tilt control reclines the chair for greater comfort, and tilt tension controls the rate and ease of back recline to fit various preferences.

Elevate Your Game. Choose the Best OFM Gaming Chair for You.

















Built-in Headrest





Arm Type
Flip Up




Flip Up


Height Adjustable


Padded Arms





Tilt Tension










Weight Capacity
275 lb


250 lb


250 lb


250 lb


Specification: OFM ESS Collection Racing Style Bonded Leather Gaming Chair, in Pink (ESS-3085-PINK)

Product Dimensions

30.5 x 28.25 x 48.25 inches

Item Weight

32.6 pounds





Item model number


Customer Reviews

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Best Sellers Rank

#15,812 in Video Games (See Top 100 in Video Games)#2,871 in PC Accessories

Fabric Type

Plastic, Metal

Manufacturer's Suggested Maximum Weight

250 Pounds

Form Factor


Assembly Required


Number of Pieces


Warranty Description

Ofm essentials 5-year limited warranty.

Batteries Required?


Included Components


10 reviews for OFM ESS Collection Racing Style Bonded Leather Gaming Chair, in Pink (ESS-3085-PINK)

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  1. HotPinkUnicornMess

    I purchased this chair well over a month and a half-two months from the time of writing this review. I wanted to give it a decent amount of time before making my mind up, as some of the reviews on here made me wonder if a chair this affordable would really make it through me slinging my fat behind in and out of it.If I am not at work or doing household chores, I am sitting my butt in front of a computer. I am also 250 lbs give or take a pizza I may have eaten that week. I am not a slim person. My thighs pancake. The last chair I had was a second hand chair my husband nabbed from a “gaming” parlor (re: coin gambling place) that went out of business and were chucking the chairs. We were pretty poor then, and while we aren’t THAT strapped for cash now, I am not rolling in the money as I work retail.I desperately needed an upgrade. Like. Seven years ago upgrade.I hemmed and hawed and went back and forth between this chair and the “gamer” chairs with the head rests and pillows and foot rests and the racing stripes that I guess make you shoot faster in game or something. The gamer chairs were prohibitively expensive to some one like me. The price of some of those chairs are two weeks worth of groceries for an entire household. So. I went back to THIS chair. It was affordable, looked better than the flattened faux leather piece of wood on a stick I basically had and well…It wasn’t expensive.So. Back this chair which I ultimately ordered. Let’s get to it:PROS: Prime ensured this was delivered super fast. 2 days.– Box came undamaged, chair itself undamaged as well.– Affordable.– Surprisingly very comfortable. After a month and a half of use the bottom seat cushioning is still cushioning very well. I do not feel like I am sitting on a moving piece of cement.– Good lower back curve/support.– As I am only 5 foot 7, the head rest is perfect. I can put the back of my head on it if I want and it’s comfy.– Tilts just fine, but I am a fan of not forgetting my chair tilts and feeling like I am going to go backwards, so I locked it– Dohicky that you adjust to make the seat and yourself taller or shorter still works, and works very smoothly I might add.– Arm rests are perfect. I find the tips of my elbows rest comfortably when typing/ fits my forearms when Netflix binge watching.– Arm rest material did not feel bad or scratchy to me. But that is entirely a personal thing that may differ from person to person.–Very smooth turn–Very smooth wheeling, but my floor is wood.–So far, no marking on the floor–Wheels intact and rolling!CONS:– There is some misalignment with screw placement on the back. It took some jimmying and rustling of jimmies, a few choice words and some patience to get everything to work. It wasn’t HORRIBLE however, and it wasn’t impossible at all.– There are little plastic screw covers. Unfortunately, if you sneeze at them they appear to pop off allll the time.– If you have sensation issues / fabric texture sensitivity/ thin / sensitive skin the fabric on the fore arms might be an issue for you.– If you are taller than 5 foot 7 I am guessing that your head might not fully rest on the head…uh…rest. Very tall people will probably find the back of their neck or even shoulders on it.– If you wanted bright, flashy colors, well obviously the grey chair doesn’t have it.Over all, I think this is a great bargain desk/computer chair. And, you can always add a head pillow and lumbar or butt pillow for extra comfort to make it feel like the more expensive “gamer” chairs with expensive embroidered logos on them, as amazon sells them pretty darn cheap here. I think this is a good investment for people like me that find 200 for a chair difficult to afford because that’s half their rent that week, their entire paycheck and or they’re in a tight spot. I’d recommend.

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  2. crouton56

    I love this new chair! It has replaced an old chair we had on hand that was adapted for me to reach the keyboard. I am height disadvantaged and I was worried about finding a chair that would address this. I even considered getting a chair for those who use drafting tables. The reason I even went to a gaming chair was that we walked into Staples to look around at chairs and they had one of their gaming chairs on sale.It had adaptations for everything, height lever. back lever, and one for your arm rest.When I went to Amazon just prior to me pulling the plug on the Staples chair, I was delighted that for the same price I could purchase an identical (or practically close to the same) chair in purple! They had free shipping and we got the chair 2 days later from FEDEX!Way to go AMAZON!Needless to say, the chair is brand new, has a great lower back lumbar cushion and it is super comfortable. Go ahead and check them out-you will be glad you did.

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  3. Eliza

    I work from home and I like to sit crisscrossapplesauce in my chair, plus I’m kinda chunky so I searched and searched for a wide chair that wasn’t leather. So happy I found this one! Thank you all for your reviews! I love this chair and I love that the arm rests pivot. My husband bought a new chair at the same time but he spends all of his time in mine because it’s so comfy!

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  4. LankyFrenchman

    I got this chair to replace an old one that had run its course for sure. The chair is awesome and has very good back support which is crucial because I am an IT professional and spend many hours on the computer at a time. Both the legs and arm supports feel like very sturdy plastic that should be able to take a beating and the added benefit of having the arm rests able to fold out of the way is a nice perk.I ordered the acid green colored chair and it definitely adds a bit of flair especially on my youtube channel when I do recordings. The mesh parts on the chair seem to be very durable as well as it has stronger fabric sewn to the mesh underneath it which I believe will prevent most tearing. The cushioning is very supportive and doesn’t feel like it will “flatten” out like my other chairs did over prolonged use. I would absolutely recommened this chair especially for anyone looking for something more than a task chair.The only possible downsides I could see people might have is (1.) assembly is required and (2.) the back and seat part of the chair once assembled are a “solid” piece so you won’t be able to adjust the back part only the tilt of the chair. That being said it is very comfortable and has a good amount of tilt that can lock into place. Also the assembly was incredibly easy and I was able to do it by myself in less than 20 minutes including unboxing and all.

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  5. Stan Y.

    I used to dread going into my home editing suite because of my old chair. This new chair is now the most comfortable chair in the house. I was really apprehensive about buying this chair from Amazon without trying it out like I would in a Brick and Mortar. For me, it was great purchase. I was surprised at the comfort at such a price point. It easy to assemble with parts aligned correctly. I remember old chairs that I that I really had to stretch thing to make parts fit. Now I have to go Archie Bunker on people who try to it in MY chair.

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  6. E Diaz

    I have fibromyalgia and work in an office for many hours sitting by a computer, so I have been searching for a comfortable chair that will help me through my long days at work. I have tired many in the past and couldn’t take it anymore they just hurt my back and butt so badly, even tried supportive cushions, with zero luck . So I decided to do another search with an upcoming surgery I knew when I returned to work I was going to need something supportive and comfortable to get me through, so after reading some reviews and some thought I decided to give this one a chance. It just came today and a Co worker helped me put it together, not that it was difficult to put together I just have issues with my hands due to the fibromyalgia so I needed help making sure everything was tight. I figured since it was supposed to be for gamers that it should work for me. So I only sat it this chair for about 3 hrs today and noticed a big difference from the nightmare I was previously using. Hoping it continues to be comfortable I am sick of the searches for office chairs.

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  7. TiberiusReign

    Essentials Racing Style Leather Gaming Chair – Ergonomic Swivel Computer, Office or Gaming Chair, Green (ESS-3085-GRN) My old Staples Torrent Car Chair finally bit the dust. I’ve had it 7 long years now, and decided to give this a try for several reasons, not the least of which is the amazing warranty.To give you an idea, the Staples chair only came with a limited 1 year warranty.This chair comes with a 4 year fabric warranty, and a 7 year warranty on the gas lift.Considering I had to replace my gas lift on the Staples chair twice in seven years, this is a great deal!I’ve attached photos showing the unpacking and assembly process.Some Tips:The bottom of the seat does not say “Front” on it anywhere. However, it has little R and L stickers. When you flip over the seat to attach the base, the R sticker should be on your left. When you flip it over to mount it on the chair after attaching the arms and the back, the R sticker will be under your right arm.The base has the word “front” written on it, and I had a hard time getting a picture because it’s molded into the metal and I didn’t have great lighting.When you are installing the base, you will have two smaller screws for the rear, and two larger screws (from the assortment in the parts packet in the pictures) to install it with. Do not get these confused. A pro tip: gently install the rear screws half way before installing the front screws, it keeps you from getting them confused.If you drop a screw, or by some unfortunate disaster are shorted a screw, fear not! The parts packet contains one extra of everything, so you won’t be short after all.The chair lifts slightly higher than my old chair, which is great. has some resistance when leaning back, which is also good. The arms are a little stiff, but I attribute that to being new.The fabric is crisp, but the mesh might wear into your arms if you spend lots of time in the chair. So be prepared if you spend a lot of your chair time with bare arms on the mesh. This may change as it wears in.Assembly was fast and easy. The screw mounts were straight and even, easily seen and identified, and the arms fit into place just fine.Having assembled chairs for a living at one point, I can tell you that not every manufacturer makes sure for these steps.I strongly recommend this chair so far, and will let you know if that changes over the life of it.

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  8. Wyatt Allbright

    Qualifier: this is my reaction after assembly and using the chair for a few days… we’ll see how it holds up.I’ve needed a chair with flip-up arms for some time, and the Gen. 1 has been on my radar for at least a year or two. I’ve held off purchasing because of review comments about the seat padding. The Gen. 2 seems to have fixed that issue, so I pulled the trigger on this one at $142 (only ten days later it’s now $121…).For the price I think this chair is a pretty good value. The new design’s seat cushion is indeed quite comfortable. The chair is light but doesn’t feel flimsy. The piston actuator works as expected, and holds position well. The armrests are nice and soft, but as a taller person I wish they were about 1” higher (they’re not adjustable). The fabric and faux leather feel like they’ll be just fine with normal usage, and IMHO the manufacturer’s design / styling choice here is well done.Some caveats… in case it’s not clear from the pictures, this chair is not adjustable other than height and whether or not you want it to rock. The seat back angle is not independently adjustable and the seat cushion can’t be tilted by itself forward or back – it’s fixed. Tilt tension works fine – from very loose / rocking to very stiff. You can’t rock back and lock the position, as you can with some chairs.The lumbar support is extremely pronounced, which may be an issue for folks who don’t care for that (I need it). Most importantly, it is not possible to adjust the chair so that it supports an erect posture (e.g., the way I was trained to sit while working at a desk). In order to sit straight up, you must support yourself far forward of the seat’s contoured back – basically like sitting on a stool. Relaxing into the seat back puts one into a reclining position – fine for gaming (hey, it’s listed as a gaming chair, after all), not so fine for extended periods of typing, practicing guitar, audio mixing, programming, 3D modeling or other similar tasks. Also note that while the headrest appears taller than most chairs, it will not support your head if you’re taller than about 5′ 8”. I’m just shy of 6′ and I’m looking directly at the ceiling before my head touches the (top of the) headrest, making it completely useless for me.I assembled it alone with only minor issues. On that score I’d strongly recommend putting the entire chair assembly (seat / arms / back) together on a workbench or on the floor. That is, contrary to the assembly instructions (Step 3) don’t set the seat on the piston once you have the lever assembly attached. You’ll need to get some good leverage to align the screws when installing the back between the arms, and you won’t want the chair spinning around freely on the base or rolling away from you while doing that. I also had issues getting the small plastic cover panels to seat completely, and I’d advise checking these for fit and, if necessary, taking some sandpaper to the alignment posts before inserting them into the arm assemblies. Other than that, an allen wrench and all necessary hardware (plus spares) were nicely arranged in a blister pack and the sparse directions are clear enough.All in all, a pretty nice product for this price point. If it lasts even half as long as the one I’m replacing (which I’ve had for well over ten years), I’ll be more than satisfied.

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  9. Balthazar

    Just received this chair and after less than 30 minutes I had it set up by myself. I got the gray and black model, and it looks very nice. I paid $85 for this item, and after a coupon and a moving discount from amazon I paid only $78 for it. For that price, this is a fantastic chair. The seat is soft enough, and the back is quite firm. This is not some super squishy leather chair or a very hard racing seat, it provides just enough comfort and rigidity to sit in. Time will tell if it is going to hold up, but for now my first impression is that it is a very good chair for the price.Note: I am a little over 6 feet tall around 170 lbs, and this chair feels like a good fit. If you’re much taller than 6 feet this might not be a great chair for you given the headrest is not adjustable.

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  10. TheTourGuide

    This is a really well built chair. The price isn’t too bad. This is the perfect chair if you are not wanting to spend more that $100 for a gaming chair. Just wait for it to go on sale below $100 otherwise full price is slightly above that which is still not bad of a price.Watch out for the negative reviews. I have read through and a lot of those are misleading. Or people just wanting to be difficult and give a lower rating than normal.Also for what it’s worth, this chair has a weight limit of 250 pounds, but I weigh close to 350 and this chair is supporting my weight. I don’t recommend you getting this chair if you are heavier than 350 though, that’s where things could become an issue but I’d say for almost any chair there is a 100 pound threshold. With the exception of the $50 chair that I was using for 4 years. That chair had a weight limit of 150 pounds and I was using that as my work and gaming chair and had no problems and I have been 300+ the last 4 years.If you made it this far I should probably also tell you that I sit in this chair probably 16 hours a day total if not more. I have had 0 pain issues and it remains comfortable throughout the entire day.Now on to the not so positives:The instructions are weird. If you made it this far this will really help you out. The instructions say to put the arms on the base, then put the base on the pedestal that you put into the wheels so the chair is almost put together then it tells you to put the base on afterward. Do not do this. I skipped doing that because I knew it would be a hard time. I don’t know how hard because I skipped that step but still put the base and the back and arms on all together before you sit the chair on the base pedestal. Your set up will be much easier if you go this route.If you made it this far, thank you for reading and hit that helpful button if you found this review helpful. Have a great day and happy gaming in your new chair. Or gaming and working if ya’ll work from home like I do. 🙂

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    OFM ESS Collection Racing Style Bonded Leather Gaming Chair, in Pink (ESS-3085-PINK)
    OFM ESS Collection Racing Style Bonded Leather Gaming Chair, in Pink (ESS-3085-PINK)


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