Olympus VN-100 128MB Digital Voice Recorder – Enjoy up to 74 Hours of Digital Recording!

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Brand: Olympus


  • Olympus VN-100 Digital Voice Recorder General Features: White color with red trim
  • 128 built-in flash memory Record up to 74 hours and 40 minutes of uninterrupted audio in LP mode
  • Two recording modes: SP and LP
  • LCD display offers quick viewing of file locations, recording status and battery life
  • Slow and Fast playback modes: listen to audio 25% slower or 50% faster than real time

Package Dimensions: 76x236x10

Details: Enjoy a stylish, user-friendly design and huge recording capabilities with this Olympus VN-100 Digital Voice Recorder!This white pocket recorder features 128 MB of built-in flash memory, allowing you to record up to 74 hours and 40 minutes of audio in LP mode. Large buttons make it easy to operate and navigate on the 0.94-inch LCD display. Once done recording, you can listen to content in Slow and Fast playback, which gives you the options of listening in either 25% slower or 50% faster than real time.With a built-in microphone all you need to do is just hit ‘Record’ and sit back while your professor does all the talking. You can always choose to plug an external mic in if you want to, though — there’s both a jack for a microphone and headphone. If your scribbled notes are causing nothing but headaches, then let the Olympus VN-100 Digital Voice Recorder do all the work. Order yours today!