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Panasonic Full-Sized, Lightweight Long-Cord Headphones – RP-HT161-K (Black)




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Panasonic Full-Sized, Lightweight Long-Cord Headphones – RP-HT161-K (Black)

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Panasonic Headphones RP-HT161-K Full-Sized Over-the-Ear Lightweight Long-Corded Panasonic Headphones RP-HT161-K Full-Sized Over-the-Ear Lightweight Long-Corded

Panasonic Headphones RP-HT161-K Full-Sized Over-the-Ear Lightweight Long-Corded

Clear, High-Quality Sound and Long-Lasting Comfort

The sleek, matte-black finish and durable, lightweight design of the Panasonic Headphones RP-HT161-K Full-Sized Over-the-Ear Lightweight Long-Corded add a distinctive look of style and comfort while you enjoy music at home, around town, when travelling or anywhere else you go.

At a Glance:

  • Lightweight classic-style, over-the-ear headphones

  • Dual 30mm neodymium driver units easily handle up to 1000Mw maximum power

  • Plush-padded earpads with quick-adjust headband

  • Extra-long, 6.5-Ft. cord allows for convenient movement

Exceptional Sound and ValueExceptional Sound and Value

Exceptional Sound and Value

These RP-HT161-K lightweight classic-style, over-the-ear headphones rival higher-priced headphones with their clear, high-quality sound, long-lasting comfort and a 6.5-ft. audio cord for music, movies and gaming.

Great Bass, Vocals and LyricsGreat Bass, Vocals and Lyrics

Great Bass, Vocals and Lyrics

Powered by dual 30mm neodymium drivers, these headphones have a maximum power input of 1000mW and 10Hz-27kHz frequency response for great music and sound with smooth, balanced levels of bass, mid-range tones and high-frequency trebles for clear vocals and lyrics.

Padded for ComfortPadded for Comfort

Padded for Comfort

Soft, plush-padded earpads snugly surround the entire ear to isolate music and sound by blocking ambient noise and distractions at home, outdoors and on trains and planes. At the same time, a smooth, easy-adjust headband quickly conforms to your head for optimum fit and comfort, and hours of listening enjoyment.

Play More Than MusicPlay More Than Music

Play More Than Music

A generous 6.5-ft. audio cord lets you enjoy great sound in more ways than one. In addition to music devices and laptops, the cord easily reaches from home entertainment components to your couch to plug in and play CDs or watch TV and movies without disturbing others. Plus provide ample freedom for moving about while gaming.

Specification: Panasonic Full-Sized, Lightweight Long-Cord Headphones – RP-HT161-K (Black)

Product Dimensions

4.1 x 7 x 7.5 inches

Item Weight

10.6 ounces



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Best Sellers Rank

#17 in Over-Ear Headphones

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Date First Available

September 11, 2017



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10 reviews for Panasonic Full-Sized, Lightweight Long-Cord Headphones – RP-HT161-K (Black)

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  1. C. File

    This is my 4th pair of RP-HT21s. They cannot be beat as the “bang for your buck” champion. The sound is amazing with great bottom end. I was shocked the first time I listened to them and could hear so much more in the music. And the best part is the comfort of these headphones. I wear them for hours at my desk and never have any pain in my head, ears, or neck. They just sit there. You notice the great sound but never notice the feel of the headphones. This is coming from a guy with a huge head, I have trouble buying hats because they usually don’t fit.

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  2. soda

    I’m a Sony fan, don’t enjoy bluetooth and normally use the MDR7506 which is the only headset I can stand. In the past I had a $35 Panasonic set that sounded surprisingly good. They are no longer available on Amazon. I hate ‘V’- sound oriented phones. Panasonics are similar to Sony in that the response is even across the spectrum (with the bass enhanced). No middle tones recessed or dropping off the top. Good soundstage full and present upfront, no recessed or hidden instruments and wide stereo separation. Front and loud. Perfect clarity. For me this is “the Sony sound” and my comparison standard. Panasonic reproduces this standard closer than any brand I have tried including phones that cost up to $300 (I *really* hate the ‘V’ profile). I usually have to wait on the Sonys for Christmas.This headphone set comes, again, amazingly close given its price range, which is about 1/10th of the cost! They’re the only ones that can hold me over till Christmas and make a great backup pair. Comfortable, truly circumaural, very lightweight and can handle the wattage output and full volume of my home theater system. At this ridiculous price they’re remarkably good. And better than other midrange brands I’ve tried.

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  3. Beavis Comeavis

    The perfect cheapo headphones. I take one to work, keep one upstairs, one downstairs, one in my travel bag, etc. They are great because they work adequately and they are fairly durable, but they cost so little. Eventually the form will wear away, the plastic piece that helps hold them to size will break away, and they’ll just become more and more beat up. But they last long enough that they are totally worth it. Each pair seems to last me a couple of years with daily use. They are perfect for more risky situations where you may have concern your equipment could get banged up or lost, or kids might get a hold of them. If they get smashed, who cares. Buy another. I bought like 4 or 5 of these. Totally worth it for situations where you don’t want to take your expensive headphones.Sound quality is acceptable. If you’re an audiophile, then you won’t be satisfied with the quality. I use them for video streaming, video games, listening to music, etc and it always seems ok to me. They don’t drown out external noise much though, so if you’re in a noisy environment, it’s not going to work out well.

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  4. Truffle Shuffle

    Panasonic delivers yet again. And whoever’s behind the design knows what they’re doing and what’s in demand, nailed it on this one.The price makes it a steal pretty much given the brand and the quality it provides. It’s rich with enhancing features such as the longer cord that allows for more movement (was a must for me, the short cord problem I had was starting to drive me insane), surprisingly lightweight (than was expected ) which will make longer sessions more comfortable, plush padded ear pads for more comfort. Hell I’ll probably fall asleep in them sooner or later with all this comfort lolBottom line it’s a solid, honest product from a quality brand. What you see is what you get. Can’t ask for more than that.

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  5. Doug in Madison

    They feel comfortable on my big ole head, Ear cups seal out other noise about 70% ish and are pretty decent of the soft and comfy scale, sound is plenty good and plug in easily with the 3.5mm std. jack. I highly recommend these for listening on the computed for meetings, youtube videos and as and ebook listener. I have had $600 anr aircraft headsets and these ain’t those !! but they are fabulous for the $17 I paid. Very happy. i bought off of the reviews averaging 4.0 and it was a good metric. I give them a 5 while considering the price point.

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  6. T-Lo

    The primary reason I got these was to go to sleep with them on. I sought out these particular headphones due to their fairly flat ear coverings. I was hoping that I would be able to lay my head on a pillow and not feel too uncomfortable. These do exactly that. In fact, I can wear these for hours before waking up, realizing that they’re still on my head, pulling them off, and going back to sleepSince my TV does not have bluetooth headphone capabilities, I actually just plug these into my Xbox controller and then fall asleep while watching/listening to relaxing videos via the YouTube app.The sound is decent given the inexpensive price. I wasn’t going to pay a lot for something I intended on laying on for hours each night. The long, thin cord is also nice so that if you move around a bit while sleeping, your headphones aren’t getting suddenly yanked off of your head when you flip over.So far they’re holding up fine with no issues. I like them.

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  7. JWB

    I bought my first pair of these for full price of $5.95 in December of 2013 and have never accepted discounted products. My rating criteria is as follows. If the product works as is advertised and the quality is in line with the price then I give it five stars tentatively, then deduct stars for usability problems, functionality problems, flaws, quality, etc.I’ve actually bought many pairs of these headphones for myself and others, and all have been of very high initial quality, and of good durability, with the price ranging up to $12 and back down to around $7.Its hard to evaluate sound quality, and I have never had the desire or cash to spend more than $25 on headphones. But for the price I have been very happy–I’ve never said to myself, “I wish these were louder,” or “I wish these sounded different,” or anything else like that. I guess my thought is that if you know enough to critically evaluate a pair of headphones beyond those two questions, you probably wouldn’t buy them on the Internet where you can’t listen first. I’ve bought a couple other pairs of sub-$10 headphones for my wife and kids, and these are the loudest, best and longest lasting, but they insist on earbud style so they haven’t switched to these full time.I don’t like in-ear headphones because they tend to fall out of me ears, and eventually just get uncomfortable after an hour or so. I guess I have a sensitive head, because I have quit using other headphones before because they squeeze too hard or the foam doesn’t do its job. These are comfortable enough for me that I can watch a movie on an airplane without discomfort.For a decent pair of headphones, you won’t go wrong here. There may be better choices, but after listening to a couple other pairs that my family uses, if I needed a new pair of headphones I wouldn’t even look at anything else.As for durability, these have been very good for me. I’m not a person who uses headphones multiple times per day, so I can’t comment on how durable they are with constant, heavy use.

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  8. Minerva Bryant

    My daughter bought my grandson Beats last year and unfortunately everyone used them. She has again purchased these this year but warned him not to allow anyone to “borrow” them. I purchased a set of these for myself and have enjoyed them very much. The stero sound is excellent and I have enjoyed listening through them. I have a Kindle Fire and (I carry it with me always). I am more abt to stay in the car while my daughter goes shopping (my legs ache at times ) and I enjoy a movie or listen to music. I also have an iPhone and watch movies while waiting. I have hearing aids and it’s all I can stand for the ear pieces to be in my ears. With this head set it’s just perfect covering my entire ears. They are comfortable and you can adjust the fit for a small or large head (smile). The sound is very good and there is a handy volume control on the wire? (For lack of a better word.) Don’t be fooled by the price. For what it cost…not bad at all.

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  9. PD

    I’m not an ear-bud guy, I like the old fashioned lightweight headphones. The Sony’s are getting phased out, so I tried these and couldn’t be happier. They are comfortable to wear (and I have a big noggin) and sound as good as expected watching vids on my iPad or listen to music while doing other stuff on it. I know “sounds good” is totally subjective and FWIW, I do audio editing and mixing on PreSonus Studio One software with a $350 pair of studio headphones, so for casual listening I expect something pretty decent. These fit the bill ESPECIALLY considering the price.

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  10. Jeff

    Economic, lightweight quality. What should one expect for headphones costing under six dollars? If your expectations are realistic, you will be pleasantly surprised with these. I was looking for a quick easy fix, and found it in these namebrand phones with prime shipping to my door in two days. I’ve used them for about a week. They are in fact very lightweight and comfortable. They fit firmly atop my ears (firmly enough not to slide or shake off requiring readjustment during normal use) and do not create any pressure points on the cartilage of my ear (3 to 5 hours average time per use). As to their sound quality (remember, six bucks) I’m quite pleased. I find the biggest difference is the source material, as much of what I’m listening to his web based – streaming music, YouTube, Netflix, Amazon prime video/music – and quality audio varies from clip to clip, let alone source. At six dollars, there was virtually no competition. Bargain bin, no name, knockoff earphones from Walmart, CVS, T.J. Maxx (and the like) economy electronics’ section are more expensive and hardly as reliable as Panasonic. Will I be lost in the experience as a blissful audiophile? NO WAY! Will I be able to hear what I’m listening to? No doubt! … And that’s the point

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    Panasonic Full-Sized, Lightweight Long-Cord Headphones – RP-HT161-K (Black)
    Panasonic Full-Sized, Lightweight Long-Cord Headphones – RP-HT161-K (Black)


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