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Planet Audio AC12D Car Subwoofer – 1800 Watts Maximum Power, 12 Inch, Dual 4 Ohm Voice Coil, Sold Individually




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Planet Audio AC12D Car Subwoofer – 1800 Watts Maximum Power, 12 Inch, Dual 4 Ohm Voice Coil, Sold Individually

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Surround: Foam

Foam lasts much longer than other materials and is a superior product for speaker drivers that need a large excursion (how much the cone needs to move back and forth). Foam keeps the cone centered and yields a high excursion. It is self-damping (the ability to control undesirable movement of the speaker cone) and reduces its own standing waves. It is also very light and has a minimal effect on the motion of the cone.


Break Your Subwoofer In

A new subwoofer must go through a short but important process of ‘break-in’ before it is run under harsh conditions. This will ensure the performance as it has been designed to. The process involves subjecting the subwoofer to no more than low-to-medium volume levels for a number of hours in the enclosure. This will loosen the suspension to prevent the voice coil from overheating. Over-driving the woofer before it has been broken-in, will result in premature failure and poor performance.

  • 12 inch 1800 Watt Dual Voice Coil Subwoofer

  • Power Handling (Peak): 1800 Watts

  • Sensitivity (1 Watt/1 Meter): 88 dB, Resonant Frequency: 32 Hz

  • Voice Coil: Dual 2 inch High Temperature

  • Impedance: 4 Ohm

  • Cone: Polypropylene, Surround: Foam

  • Mounting Depth: 5.8” (137 mm), Cutout Diameter: 11” (137 mm)

  • Customizable Trim Ring


Dual Voice Coil

A Dual Voice Coil subwoofer will not produce more bass than a single voice coil subwoofer. It is more about producing the right ohm load for maximum efficiency from the amplifier that you are running. Ohms are a measurement of electrical resistance. The less resistance, the more power that the amp will put out. More power from your amplifier means that you can run your subwoofer at its’ peak performance or be able to hook up more subwoofers to your amplifier.

Cone: Polypropylene

Commonly called just PP, this plastic has various forms. It is a resilient and durable manufactured material that can be used in thousands of applications across virtually all fields. It can be used for tubes, car trims, and bags. In the specific case of our cones, this material allows for maximum give that produces great sounding speakers lasting you a long time.

Voice Coil: High Temperature

Our speakers are capable of higher or elevated temperature strength and fatigue properties that will increase performance and efficiency of heavy duty play time through lower weight and higher operating temperatures.

Specification: Planet Audio AC12D Car Subwoofer – 1800 Watts Maximum Power, 12 Inch, Dual 4 Ohm Voice Coil, Sold Individually

Product Dimensions

13 x 13 x 6 inches

Item Weight

8 pounds



Item model number


Customer Reviews

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Best Sellers Rank

#18,974 in Electronics (See Top 100 in Electronics)#9 in Marine Subwoofers#67 in Car Component Subwoofers

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Display size

5.38 inches

Other display features




Included Components



Planet Audio

Date First Available

May 31, 2012

10 reviews for Planet Audio AC12D Car Subwoofer – 1800 Watts Maximum Power, 12 Inch, Dual 4 Ohm Voice Coil, Sold Individually

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  1. Jamie S.

    2002 Chevrolet Suburban ltLet me start by saying this was an excellent upgrade to the stock blown factory sub my suburban had ! There had to be modification as it would not fit directly it needed to be spaced out a half inch so I used the ring from my stock blown sub that had the dust net that covered the speaker and used it as a spacer and installed it . I recommend bridging the two connection sides of the sub negative to negative and positive to positive that’s from 4 to 2 ohms as my suburbans factory sub was 2 ohms . That factory sub ring worked perfectly to space it . I installed and out all panels back on and noticed the new sub was barely touching the panel grill so I decided to cut out the panel grill perfectly and install a 10 inch sub grill to the panel for esthetic looks . It works great sounds amazing for a 8 inch sub and makes a world of difference !

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  2. Keef Keyz

    So I am on my 4th vehicle and this has to be my eighth sound system. I am used to dealing with high name brands in every car that I had but with my new vehicle I didn’t feel the need to spend that much money on something expensive. I came across the subwoofer and I also purchased the subwoofer with the amp that comes with it and I have to say that I am more than pleased with the decision. I really wanted something to just compliment the sound system in my car but it has provided more than what I actually was asking from it. I believe that this is a very great purchase and I experienced it with the amp that goes along with it so I do recommend buying that as well. But it sounds great, the bass isn’t distorted, the sound is smooth, and it gives you a lot of power if you ask for it.

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  3. Darwin Herm

    I didn’t get them from Amazon because they lost my package, but I got them from Fry’s because I still wanted them asap. I still want to leave a good review. They are outstanding subs! Nice looking, and VERY loud for 10’s. This is a good deal for some quality 10’s. I went for these over the cheaper 10’s and I’m glad I did. Planet Audio stuff has always been good to me, so I went back to them for this build. Pushed by their 2600.2 anarchy amp. More than enough power for the subs, and more than enough bass with 2 of these subs. I’m very happy with these.

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  4. RLS

    For the price these 10″ subs are a monsters. I have then installed under the seat in 2017 Ram 1500 crew cab hooked up to a planet audio 3k watt amp. I have them wired in parallel down to 1ohm. Sounds amazing and still not broken in yet. I actually have my bass on the radio down all the way and the bass boost barely on and your can feel the seats backs vibrating quite a bit…incredible for a $30 speaker.

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  5. Dan

    The media could not be loaded.  I purchased this subwoofer for my 2002 Chevy Tahoe with the non-bose system. I was pleasantly surprised to see that it actually fits without modifying the factory box. You do have to drill new holes for the screws to go in, but the basket fits in the opening, and the magnet does not bottom out in the small enclosure. I am currently running it from the factory amplifier and while it won’t win any SPL contests, it does sound clear and hits the lows very very well. It’s a very accurate subwoofer and downright fantastic when you factor in the price. I posted a video on youtube if you want to see how I did the install. It’s titled 2000-2006 Tahoe Subwoofer Install. I attached a picture too, sorry for how blurry it is.**Update** I have now been using this subwoofer for a few months and still absolutely love it! it sounds even better than it did when I first installed it. It seems to have warmed up a bit as it broke in. I have also now attached a video that outlines my installation in my 2002 Chevy Tahoe. I hope it’s helpful. If you found this review helpful please click the yes button below! Thanks!!

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  6. Joe – Blk99Xtreme

    UPDATE: AFTER 2 WEEKS I TOOK THE SUB OUT TO PUT IN MY NEW ALPINE TYPE R, AND THE PLANET AUDIO SUB WAS A LITTLE STINKY…I THINK MAYBE 600-650 RMS MIGHT BE A LIIIITTLE TOO MUCH FOR THIS SUBWOOFER. STILL SOUNDS AWESOME AND POUNDS, BUT I WOULD SAY 500 OR SO RMS POWER IS ABOUT MAX FOR THIS SUB.I did a lot of research on subwoofers in the past month because I wanted to add a new Amp and Subwoofer to my car. My old system was 20 years old. I decided to purchase the Rockford Fosgate R500x1D Amp. Now I wanted a ‘cheaper’ sub to use @ 2 ohms, because the existing subwoofer I had was a single voice coil 4 ohm. So this Planet Audio AC10D was a nice $30 choice. This rockford amp is rated around 650 RMS watts @ 2 ohms…and this subwoofer pounds! I must have the volume and gain set on the amp perfect for this sub, so it’s getting probably around 600 watts (also verified with voltage and impedance tests at the speaker leads)…I’m telling you this sub gets low and rumbles my whole body and the whole car! I’ve got it in a shallow sealed ‘truck style angled box’ about .5 cu/ft. Very very impressed for $30, definitely worth it! If anyone wants bass on a budget, that amp is around $135 and this sub is 30 bucks…so for a $165, I am blown away by how cheap you can get Awesome sound out of a single 10″ subwoofer paired with a decent amp!! After this purchase, I am a Planet Audio fan for life.

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  7. Nate S

    Bought this 12 to replace a hand me down kicker I had given to our son. Wow! I mean really… wow! I really felt my 15+ year old kicker was a good sub, but the surround had shown a bit of dry rot starting so grabbed this to replace it. Placed it in the same home made/custom ported box that I built to fit his car. Hooked it into the wife’s jeep to test fire it…. holly crap. This sub made her 10 inch bazooka cry in shame. I really did not expect the impact or SPL this sub produced. It’s not broken in, so not pushing it, didn’t even get warm, but incredibly impressed. Add in the 30$price tag… I just can’t understand how this happened. I am tempted to grab one of my Rockford power dvcs and toss in the box to compare. (Sitting on the shelf since changing vehicles and unable to decide what I’m doing lol). Her jeep is running a Rockville r5amp.. so maybe 500watts to the sub? If I trust the birth certificate. I am for sure buying more as the rest of the boys come of driving age. Longevity, who knows, but I wouldn’t expect it to die before a teen poked a hole in it or leaves the vehicle unlocked for the 10,000 time and gets it stolen or some other natural disaster. When tunned right, placed in a correct size enclosure and fed clean signal… I bet this will out live his car lol. It’s a solid built 12 inch sub, kept its cool for a 20 min run… very impressed overall.

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  8. William H.

    The planet audio subwoofers we’re as described. Hook up both subs. Ran them for around 6 hours to get them broke in. I also purchased a 2000 Watt amp from Amazon to power these subs. Ran the amp at about ten percent power for the first two hours. I then readjusted the amp to around 25 percent for another two hours. Repeated the steps twice more. Now I running around 80 percent power and they work great. Now my neighbors are listening to my music. LoL. It’s very important to break in new speakers. My son bought two of these same subwoofers and didn’t take the time to break them in and he hooked up his 5000 RMS cheater amp and they lasted about ten minutes before he blew the center out of the subwoofers. So take your time and break them slowly. This is my second pair of this subwoofer because I’m putting them in a different vehicle. My other set is almost two years old and bumping like there’s no tomorrow. And on my first set I’m pushing 4000 RMS and hitting a 136 on the decimal meter playing country music. LoL. So yes these are well worth the money. Just remember to break them in first. My son now has two blown voice coils and some new paper weights. LoL. He should have listened to Dad.

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  9. Jason. Young

    i don’t like the rings that aren’t attached until you screw them down. but once installed and wired properly … so far they are banging hard on 600 watts rms each speaker. so to the people running them off a boss amp and complaining they blow no dam wonder. just need some clean power with no distortion

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  10. Muddy

    I purchased two planet audio 10 for my truck, I have had kicker systems ,Rockford, Memphis and I thought I would try planet audio, I’ didn’t expect for these to sound like they do.these guys rock..say for the money I spent,the quality of product I received even the way they pack there boxes for shipping.Everything was top quality .I also ordered 6.5 mids and tweets set of eights and 6 x 9s.I would put these up with any name brand speakers.Great product.

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    Planet Audio AC12D Car Subwoofer – 1800 Watts Maximum Power, 12 Inch, Dual 4 Ohm Voice Coil, Sold Individually
    Planet Audio AC12D Car Subwoofer – 1800 Watts Maximum Power, 12 Inch, Dual 4 Ohm Voice Coil, Sold Individually


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