Universal Remote Complete Control MRF-300 Addressable RF Base Station

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  • Includes 1 – MRF-300 Base Station / 1 – RFX-150 Detached Antenna Module / 2 – Wall Mount Plates w/ 6 screws (one for the MRF, one for the RFX) / 2 – 12′ Connecting Cables (one is 3.5 mm TRS jack terminated on both ends, the other is only terminated on one end and bare wire on the other – data, 5v, ground) / 1 – AC Adapter / 6 – Emitters with 3.5 mm Jacks / 1 – Installation Manual / 1 – Adjustment Tool (for adjusting the RFX attenuation & tightening the IR/RF In wire claps)
  • Plasma proof system operation via RF at 418MHz in North America
  • RF addressing with 15 different ID addresses selected via MX Editor software and a rotary knob on the bottom of the MRF-300
  • Power Supply – 9V 300mA/110V 60Hz (included)
  • Unit Dimensions – 8 x 3.5 x 1.25 / Weight – 4 oz (Mounting bracket and six emitter/flashers included)

Package Dimensions: 41x218x204

Details: The MRF-300 is addressable via 15 separate station ID’s and six addressable IR outputs. This allows up to 90 components (or zones on a multi zone system) to be simultaneously controlled in one household via multiple base stations, more than enough for even the largest multi-zone systems.
The MRF-300 includes one RFX-150 antenna module. The RFX-150 is separately mounted (in an interference free location) and connected to the MRF-300 base station by a three conductor cable up to 150 feet away. By combining additional RFX-150 antenna modules in parallel using a three conductor wire connected to a centrally located MRF-300 RF base station, custom installers can extend “no more pointing” RF automation to all areas and rooms of even the largest estates. With the special high output number six emitter output set at maximum, IR control of popular rear projection TV’s can be accomplished without disassembling or blocking the TV screen. In cases where devices are prone to IR emitter overload, the MRF-300 can have reduced IR emitter output so devices like TiVo, SAT and CABLE boxes are not over saturated. This range of adjustment for the IR emitter output makes for a much more installer friendly RF base station. Universal Remote Warranty – 1 year parts & labor

UPC: 656787300156