WiMiUS Newest 5G WiFi Bluetooth Projector Native 1080P LED Projector with Carrying Bag 4K Support 5.1 Bluetooth 4P/4D Keystone, Zoom 500" Screen PPT for Home Theater and Office Use (10000) - The best consumer electronics WiMiUS Newest 5G WiFi Bluetooth Projector Native 1080P LED Projector with Carrying Bag 4K Support 5.1 Bluetooth 4P/4D Keystone, Zoom 500" Screen PPT for Home Theater and Office Use (10000) - The best consumer electronics

WiMiUS Newest 5G WiFi Bluetooth Projector Native 1080P LED Projector with Carrying Bag 4K Support 5.1 Bluetooth 4P/4D Keystone, Zoom 500″ Screen PPT for Home Theater and Office Use (10000)

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Product Description

WiMiUS Projector 10000L
WiMiUS Projector 10000L

Are you feeling other 9500 lumens projector is still dim for home movies?

Are you feeling other native 1080P projector is still blurry after focus?

Are you tired of watching the washed out videos all the time?

Are you tired of taking heavy PC every time for department meetings (Power point presentation, excel, word)?

Don’t worry, WiMiUS K1 is coming. It’s coming to solve all of these dilemmas.

WiMiUS newest K1 has great improvement in brightness, clearness and color performance. It is so far the number 1 choice among lcd projectors.

Why Choose WiMiUS New K1 Projector?

1. Brightest and clearest native 1080P projectors. It is 50% brighter than other native 1080P HD projectors.

2. Support power point presentation, excel, word and PDF directly through USB stick, very convenient for small conference.

3. With advanced 2.4G and 5G WiFi chip, it is 2 time faster connecting with smartphones.

4. Double dust filter built in the projector to make it more dust-proof.

5. It comes with a decent bag which very convenient for carrying and protection of the projector.

6. Till now this is the only one which doesn’t have brown spot.

Native 1080P Projector
Native 1080P Projector

Clearer, Brighter and Sharper

High Brightness and Native 1080P Resolution

For most other brand 9500 lux projectors, they could only be used in total dark room.

While for WiMiUS new K1 mode, it is adopted the most advanced German LED lamp technology, it has an amazing +50% brightness than before. It can be used even with some light on. And with a native resolution of 1920 x 1080p full HD, it can display every details well, no more blurry edges. Also when connected with smartphone, it could support 4K videos.

12000:1 Contrast Ratio

The higher the contrast ratio, the better the image color will be.

With 12000:1 contrast ratio, it will bring you nature close color, instead of washed out color as other low contrast ration projectors.

High-precision Lens with Ultra-long Life of 200,000h

Generally, the lamp life of a projector is about 50,000 hours, WiMiUS k1 adopts a low power consumption LED lamp that generates less heat, the lamp life is as long as 200,000 hours. There is no need to replace the lamp, if you use it 4 hours a day, it can last for 137 years. The cost performance is excellent.

The First Dust-proof Projector

To get rid of black spots appear on the image, WiMiUS K1 model adopted a special Dust-proof Optical Engine technology, which will greatly reduce the possibility of black spots, thus extend the lifespan of your video projector.

5G wifi projector
5G wifi projector

50-500 Inches Display Screen, Getting a Home Movie Theater Easily

5G Wifi Wireless Connection

It can be connected with smartphone or window 10 PC through wifi, no external adapter needed.

The operation steps is very easy. You could find the detailed steps on page 12 of the manual.

Fire TV Stick Compatible

This 1080P projector can support a wide range of devices, such as PC, smartphone, PS3, PS4, USB stick, chromecast, DVD players and so on.

If you want to watch netflix or disney on it, kindly please plug an external 1080P Fire TV stick. Warm tip: If there is no sound, please turn off dolby. Please go to Settings > Display & Sounds > Audio > Dolby Digital Output > and then turn Dolby Digital Plus OFF OR choose the PCM.

Presentation of Power Point Presentation/Excel/Word/PDF via USB

Different from other LED projector, this projector can read power point presentation, excel and word from USB stick (2.0) directly. It’s very convenient for small conference. No need to take heavy PC for meeting from now on.

5G wifi bluetooth projector
5G wifi bluetooth projector

Bluetooth Projector Makes Life Easier

New Bluetooth Technology

Be built in with bluetooth function, it can connected with many kinds of bluetooth speakers, making the movie sound more wonderful.

And the connection is very easy.

Below is the steps:

1. Turn on your Bluetooth Speaker.

2. Turn on the Bluetooth Setting of your projector.

3. Select your Bluetooth speaker to connect.

P.S: Any connection issue, let us know.

In addition, it is equipped with dual 10W speakers. For indoor use, no need to connect with external speakers.

4D/4P keystone correction
4D/4P keystone correction

Innovative 4P Keystone Correction Makes Movie everywhere

4-Point Keystone Correction

Equipped with unique 4-point keystone correction function, it makes image adjustment easier. No matter where you put the projector and which angle, you could always get rectangular images by adjusting the keystone on the remote.

Note: For better visual effect, it is recommended to particularly project from the front.

Other Spec:

Focus: Manual

Keystone correction: 4P ±50°digital

Zoom: 100%-60%

Aspect ratio: 16:9/4:3

Power consumption: 80W

Voltage: AC100-240V/50-60Hz

Port: USB 2.0×2, HDMI×2,AV×1, AUDIO out×1

Image format: JPG、PNG、BMP、JPEG

Video format: 3GP / AVI / FLV / MP4 / MPG / VOB / TS / M2TS / DAT / MKV

Audio format: MP3 / APE / AAC / FLAC / OGG / WAV / WMA / MID /DTS / M4A

Other functions
Other functions

Multi Projection Mode

You could flip the image in the settings. It can support front projection and rear projection.

It is recommended for those who want to save more space to mount it on the ceiling. (The specifications of the ceiling mounting screws are M5 * 10mm)

50-500 Inches Flexible Screen

By moving the projector farther to the screen, the screen will become larger. You could get as large as 500 inches screen.

The optimum projection distance is 3.3m with 100 inches screen.

60% Zoom Function

With a 60% zoom function, you can project on the wall at home and watch movies in any size you like.

With Dedicated Storage Bag

The dedicated storage bag is convenient for storage, and the soft lining inside the bag is strong and durable, providing the highest level of protection against the element, making it a safe and secure accessory wherever you are.



Q1: Is it suitable for class room teaching?

A:This product is mainly for home and small meeting use, not recommend for class use.

Q2: It can display Netflix, disney on my smartphone?

A2: Because of HDCP limit, all projectors can’t support netflix, disney when connected with smartphone.

Q3: Can’t connect with WiFi?

A3: In the page 12 of the manual, there is detailed steps. If any questions, let us know.

Q4: Can’t connect with bluetooth speaker?

A4: Please send the bluetooth brand and model, we will make it.

Q5: There is a dark spot on the image?

Q5: It can be easily removed. We have a video to do it. Let us know if needed.

[Newest 5G WiFi & Bluetooth 5.1 & Dedicated Storage Bag]—WiMiUS newest projector (released in Aug) is with both bluetooth and wifi, very convenient for use. It can be easily connected with kinds of bluetooth speakers. With innovative 5G wifi chip, it can connect with smartphones wirelessly 2 times faster than other wifi projectors. For better carrying and better protection of the projector, we prepared a dedicated storage bad for it. You could put the projector and all the accessories into it.
[+20% Lumens & Native 1080P Resolution &12000:1 Contrast]—If other 9500L projectors still dim for you, then let’s try K1 model. The latest full HD projector equipped with the latest LED technology, which is +20% brighter than other 1080P projectors. Also it has native 1920*1080 resolution, supports 4k,10 times more details than 1080P supported projectors. The wimius k1 has the highest resolution, highest brightness with excellent cost performance. It will bring you excellent visual feast.
[4-Point Keystone Correction & Zoom &Dust Proof]—With the unique 4-point data correction function which is as larger as ±60°, it is possible to project from larger angle. You could control the distortion in both vertical and horizontal directions on the remote. Moreover, with the 60% zoom function, just control the image size on the remote control without moving the projector. Moreover, we added double dust proof filter within the projector, it can protect the projector from dust effectively.
[Home Entertainment and PPT Small Conference]—Be equipped with USB, HDMI, AV port, this projector is compatible with a various of devices, such as PC, TV stick, PS3, PS4, Chromecast, USB stick and so on. It’s a very good choice for movies, parties, playing games. What’s more, it can read office software like word, excel, power point presentation from USB stick directly. Very convenient for small conference (5-10 people conference). It can play netflix only when connected with TV stick.
[200,000H LED Lamp and 4 Years Warranty]—By adopting a highly transparent coating lens, projecting clear images and videos, and adopting new LED technology and smart eco technology, the low power consumption LED lamp has a long operating life over 10 years. In addition, we provide 4 years warranty, twice longer than all others. The first year for free replacement, the rest 3 years for free repair, giving you double assurance.

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WiMiUS Newest 5G WiFi Bluetooth Projector Native 1080P LED Projector with Carrying Bag 4K Support 5.1 Bluetooth 4P/4D Keystone, Zoom 500″ Screen PPT for Home Theater and Office Use (10000)


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