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YAMAHA R-N303BL Stereo Receiver with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth & Phono


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YAMAHA R-N303BL Stereo Receiver with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth & Phono

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Hi-Fi receiver, Hi-Fi, stereo receiver, stereo, YamahaAV, Yamaha audioHi-Fi receiver, Hi-Fi, stereo receiver, stereo, YamahaAV, Yamaha audio

Hi-Fi Everything

From your smartphone, networked audio, streaming services, or just the TV — enjoy Hi-Fi quality, with exceptional sonic integrity on everything you hear. Open new dimensions of clarity with the R-N303.

Streaming, music streaming, streaming servicesStreaming, music streaming, streaming services

Stream It All

The MusicCast app lets you stream popular music services, use Airplay and listen to downloads or music from your computer or other devices.

vinyl, reccords, albums, turntablesvinyl, reccords, albums, turntables

Love for Vinyl

Drop a needle with the phono input terminal that connects R-N303 to your turntable.

TV sound, home theater, AV, Yamaha AV, home audioTV sound, home theater, AV, Yamaha AV, home audio

Optical TV Input

Get dynamic sound for all your entertainment sources, including movies, TV and games.

Bluetooth, app cotnrol, appBluetooth, app cotnrol, app


Playback music from your smartphone and other devices with Bluetooth.

receiver, YamahaAV, av, yamahareceiver, YamahaAV, av, yamaha

Engineered for Sonic Power

High-power amp with discrete configuration, low-impedance design to minimize the length of the audio signal paths, and power supply placement that eliminates energy loss for true sound reproduction.

high resolution, audio formatshigh resolution, audio formats

Built for High Resolution

The R-N303 supports high-resolution audio formats. Feel the very breath of the vocals, bask in the airy atmosphere of a concert hall, and experience your favorite performance in high resolution.

Voice Control

Easily control your MusicCast products with Amazon Echo and Google Assistant devices.

Voice control, Alexa, Google Assistant, smart homeVoice control, Alexa, Google Assistant, smart home

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Output Power
100 W + 100 W


100 W + 100 W


80 W + 80 W


100 W + 100 W


Yes / Yes


Yes / Yes


Yes / Yes


No / No


USB Input








FM Signal-to-Noise Ratio
65 dB / 64 dB


69 dB / 67 dB


65 dB / 64


71 dB / 70 dB


Digital Inputs (Optical/Coax)
1 / 1


2 / 2


2 / 2



Phono Input





17-1/8” x 5-1/2” x 13-3/8”


17-1/8” x 6” x 15-7/16”


17-1/8″ x 6″ x 15-7/16″


17-1/8” x 5-1/2” x 12-5/8”


15.9 lbs.


24.3 lbs.


21.6 lbs.


14.8 lbs.


Specification: YAMAHA R-N303BL Stereo Receiver with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth & Phono

Product Dimensions

13.38 x 17.18 x 5.5 inches

Item Weight

15.9 pounds





Country of Origin


Item model number



2 AA batteries required.

Customer Reviews

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Best Sellers Rank

#3,287 in Electronics (See Top 100 in Electronics)#12 in Audio Component Receivers

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Date First Available

August 8, 2017

6 reviews for YAMAHA R-N303BL Stereo Receiver with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth & Phono

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  1. Alex Stephenson

    I bought this receiver in spite of the negative reviews because it has all the features that I wanted. Its primary function is to listen to records and drive a pair of Definitive Technology BP9020 full-range speakers. Its ability to stream SiriusXM and other broadcast sources with a net presence (like my local Birmingham, AL based Birmingham Mountain Radio and Substrate Radio) via the MusicCast app was icing on the cake. I had it hooked up, had the firmware updated, and was streaming XM within half an hour of unpacking it.The optical input is perfect for connecting a TV if you’re looking for something better than the built in speakers but not interested in surround sound.If you want to spin some records, stream some music, and watch TV with better sound quality you’ll be hard pressed to find a better deal than this receiver. Be warned, though…you may have to actually read the manual and possibly even watch some tutorial videos on YouTube to help get you going. With all these features in such an elegant package, though, it’s not surprising Yamaha had to make a few of the setup steps just a little bit cryptic.

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  2. M. Kirshenbaum

    I’m very pleased with this receiver. I’m not an audiophile so can’t speak to how it compares to higher-end units, but the sound it delivers to my Kef Q100’s is full, warm and clear. I bought this particular receiver, though, because of its wireless connectivity, in particular AirPlay. After mounting frustration with bluetooth connectivity across a range of devices, I’m pleased to report that the AirPlay connection between my iPhone, iPad and Mac with this receiver has been stable and flawless (at least after a few days of regular use). The receiver’s connection to wifi has also been very stable. I was able to share my wifi settings from my phone to the receiver and was connected in less than a minute. The receiver also has a nice standby feature where it clicks off and goes into standby mode after sitting idle for awhile, but immediately wakes up upon receiving a signal from an AirPlay device. Pretty cool. Lastly, you can also program internet radio stations into the presets and just hit a couple of buttons on the receiver (without going to your phone or anything) to begin playing favorite radio stations (although the process of programming the stations into the receiver is pretty cumbersome). All in all, this is exactly what I was looking for and it feels like it will be a solid piece of equipment in terms of sound quality and connectivity long into the future.

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  3. BriGuy

    Was looking for a simple stereo receiver with a true phono input, when I came across this little gem. It’s perfect for my needs, used to power nothing but my audio equipment – turntable, cassette, CD, AM/FM tuner. The added bonus of having WiFi and Bluetooth in such a relatively inexpensive package is the icing on the cake. There’s nothing musically I cannot do with this receiver. My analog music, my digital music, my streaming services (SiriusXM, Pandora) – it’s all right here. (No HD radio stations are attainable on this model. There’s another model that allows for that, but I stopped tuning into my HD stations a while back, so not an issue for me.)It does take a little time to set it up for WiFi and Bluetooth, so give yourself the time to do so properly. As an FYI, it WILL NOT connect to a 5GHZ WiFi signal, which was the only hiccup I experienced during setup – and that was on me for not reading the documentation first. Once I switched it to my 2.4GHZ connection, it connected without issue.An excellent purchase and my years of experience with Yamaha products leads me to believe this’ll be around for good long while.

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  4. Jeannie Marsden

    I wanted to write this review to help others understand how this unit interfaces with Alexa as there seems to be a lot of confusion. I purchased this for my husband who is a musician and he loves the sound quality. I’m just the nerd who hooks it all up lol.1st connect the Yamaha to the internet via the instructions in the manual. I couldn’t get WAP to work, but I suspect that is my router. It may work for you. I manually entered in the password, which was a lengthy process, but completed without issue just following the instructions.After you are done, I highly recommend you restart the unit and see if there is a firmware update. It will say FW New Update or some such after you restart it. I had connection issues via bluetooth until I did this.After any updates are completed, I restarted again and then pushed the bluetooth button on the remote. The unit acted like it should at that point and brought up it’s bluetooth ID and was waiting to connect.Open your alexa app on your phone and go to Devices. From there, open up the Echo Device you wish to use to control the Yamaha. It will need to be within bluetooth range. Once you have the device info for your Echo open in the app, click on bluetooth devices. Have the app scan for new devices and you should find it. Once it comes up, just click to pair it to your echo dot. That’s it! It basically works like a bluetooth speaker. You will need to have the Yamaha on and in bluetooth mode to receive input from your Echo Dot.It really wasn’t difficult at all to do. I think a lot of people are trying to connect the Yamaha like a smart home device, which would be very nice, but it doesn’t work that way. You do not need any third party apps like some reviews state. All you need is an Echo device and the Alexa app on your phone.I hope this helps someone.

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  5. James A Mayer

    This replaced a vintage Pioneer SX-780 that is revered for it’s sound and cost the equivalent of of $1200 in the late 70’s. I had to have the Pioneer serviced one too many times and there were still some issues that I just don’t think can be affordably repaired. I wasn’t looking for a home theater setup with surround sound,, etc. I simply wanted to have everything that the Pioneer had (phono, tuner, multiple aux inputs, 2 channels) combined with modern streaming options. I’ve had it for a month and have been giving it a workout for hours every day. I’m mostly playing vinyl or Spotify, but have also used it with CDs, an old iPhone delegated to being a music server, and Pandora. I even have a 8-track player hooked up to it. I haven’t tried out the tuner yet as I can simply connect via Airplay to my NPR and TuneIn IOS apps.The R-N303 has been nothing but solid and I admit that the only thing I’m missing from the old Pioneer is the vintage cosmetics like the illuminated tuner spectrum and seeing the analog needles jump around while the music is playing. The Yamaha is rock solid and I’ve never thought for a minute that the sound quality was lacking in any way. I’m a vintage enthusiast but there are just so many nice features in modern receivers, like controlling it from an app, sleep mode, etc, that I finally caved. No regrets.The only thing I would change is to have the silver/aluminum version but it seems only the black version is available in the US.

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  6. Mr. DM Hansen

    As a straight up stereo receiver, it’s hard to beat this. It sounds great. If I didn’t want some WiFi capabilities, I’d go with either of the cheaper Yamaha or Sony stereo receivers. For my unique set up, this receiver is a great solution. I primarily use Apple AirPlay to send music from computers and cell phones to the receiver, and it works really well so far. Also, there are no cheaper receivers made by the top AV brands that have AirPlay, so this was also one of the more economical choices.My main complaints are more with AirPlay’s limitations than with this particular receiver. Basically, I wish AirPlay would operate more like Bluetooth where you can just stream whatever audio that is playing on your device to a Bluetooth receiver or speaker, but with AirPlay, you’re limited to streaming audio on AirPlay enabled apps, like iTunes, to AirPlay receivers or speakers. This generally works for my purposes and there are apps that expand what you can transmit via AirPlay, so it’s not a huge problem.AirPlay set up was very easy. Just connect your phone to the receiver via Bluetooth and then you can share your WiFi settings with the receiver so that it connects to the internet wirelessly. And from there, the receiver shows up on all of your devices with AirPlay. I can also start playing music through the receiver from my phone or computer when the receiver is off (or technically on standby mode), so I don’t have to turn the receiver on to start streaming music via AirPlay. And I can control the volume from my phone or computer. It’s fantastic and basically means I don’t have to mess with the receiver once I get it set up initially.In case someone has a similar set up, I’ll provide some details. Basically, I wanted high quality wireless connectivity to avoid having messy looking wires in our main living space. We have built in shelves on either side of a fireplace that also have some old school speakers set up in them in such a way that you can’t see any of the speaker wires. The speaker wires go from the speaker, into the attic, and then down into some cabinets in another room about 20 feet from the speakers. Our computer is in the room with the speakers but still several few feet away from them and I wanted to avoid having additional wires and electronics going from the computer to the speakers or receiver to keep everything looking nice and wire-free. AirPlay allows this and also allows for higher music quality since WiFi streaming has more bandwidth than Bluetooth. Another issue is that there is not a visual path from my computer to the receiver — the Bluetooth signal has to travel through a wall or two, which can also mess with the signal. Again, a WiFi receiver with AirPlay allows for me to easily play music on iTunes on the receiver.Bluetooth connectivity has ups and downs overall. It works great on my cell phone even when the signal has had to travel through a wall. In fact, I don’t notice a difference in sound quality between AirPlay or Bluetooth, but I was playing MP3’s, and I obviously am not an audiophile, so maybe a trained ear would hear the differences. However, my computer’s Bluetooth does not recognize the receiver and it never shows up as a Bluetooth device that it can even try to connect to. This may be because the signal has to travel through two walls to get from the receiver to my computer, but the Bluetooth signal from my phone to the receiver works great even next to the computer. My computer is only a couple of years old, just like the receiver, so I would expect them to be compatible. I also worried that the receiver’s Bluetooth capabilities would be disrupted by my internet router, which is located close to the receiver, but this hasn’t seem to be an issue. I’d give the Bluetooth high ratings overall if my computer could connect with it.So overall, this is a great receiver for my set up. Streaming via AirPlay has been fantastic.

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    YAMAHA R-N303BL Stereo Receiver with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth & Phono
    YAMAHA R-N303BL Stereo Receiver with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth & Phono


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